Believe And TuneCore Announce Fourth Annual Study, Be The Change: Gender Equity in Music

This year’s study will be conducted by MIDiA Research, the global leader in music industry data and analysis


November 9th, 2023: New York, NY – Believe, one of the world’s leading digital music companies, and TuneCore, the leading development partner for self-releasing artists, have announced the fourth installment of the annual study, BE THE CHANGE: Gender Equity in Music. This year, Believe and TuneCore have renewed their partnership with leading market intelligence and consulting firm MIDiA Research to conduct the research for the study and analyze challenges faced by creators.

In order to gather meaningful data on a global scale, the survey will be translated into 14 languages and approach the topic through an intersectional lens. By predominantly focusing on creators, the study aims to explore their perspectives and challenges in-depth and help develop clear, actionable items with the goal of affecting change throughout the industry. The 2023-2024 survey is now open to all members of the music industry, regardless of gender: BE THE CHANGE.

Denis Ladegaillerie, Founder & CEO, Believe, said: “Empowering our community to shape music for good and to create a fairer, balanced, and more diverse artist and label market for all artists to thrive is at the very core of all we do at Believe. The BE THE CHANGE survey is a key and powerful tool for all of us to better assess how, as an industry, we can do better for all creators all around the world.”

Andreea Gleeson, Chief Executive Officer, TuneCore commented “It’s 2023, we should not have to be dealing with gender-based inequality in the music industry, yet here we are. Until women, men and gender expansive individuals are treated equally, TuneCore will continue to be a vocal advocate in the pursuit of gender equity. With this year’s edition of the BE THE CHANGE study, we will speak with artists, executives, and more to target the specific challenges faced by creators so that we can enact concrete change supporting the songwriters, producers, and musicians whose creativity sustains our industry.”

Mark Mulligan, Managing Director, MIDiA Research added, "MIDiA is proud to be working again with Believe and TuneCore on this study. It is a pivotally important piece of work. I wish it didn't need to be so important, but it is, because there is still so much work to be done. This study provides a crucial annual evidence base for continuing to make the change that needs to be done."

Select key findings from the 2023 study include:

  • 34% of women working in the music industry who participated in the study reported being sexually harassed or abused at work;
    • That number is increased to 42% and 43% for trans and nonbinary individuals, respectively;
  • 53% of the music industry professionals and creators who responded agree that men are paid more than others in the industry;
  • 66% of the music industry professionals and creators who responded (based on the total pool of respondents who are associated with the music business) want to see more women and gender expansive individuals in positions of power within the industry;
  • Minority artists who responded are roughly 70% more likely to report experiencing online harassment or hate speech on social media.

The 2024 study seeks to provide an in-depth analysis of the current state of gender affairs in the global music industry and highlight what further action can be taken to remove barriers facing women and gender expansive creators. With a goal of inspiring and informing meaningful change, the fourth edition of the BE THE CHANGE study will place a strong emphasis on the development of actionable and measurable strategies for industry reform.

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