Why Songwriters Collect More Money with TuneCore

April 25, 2013

Attention TuneCore Songwriters & Publishers!

We’d like to take the opportunity to highlight the differences between TuneCore Music Publishing Administration and a new service called CD Baby Pro.  Here’s a chart to break it down for you:

(Click here for a larger view of the chart below)

big_chart 0425

The TuneCore Music Publishing Administration team manages, licenses, and registers your copyrights in our Burbank, California office. There’s no third party company involved—it’s just us, working for you.  All songwriters are eligible to use the service, and we’ll administer all of your compositions, no matter where they were released (through another distributor or a major label, for example).

Our low, one-time setup fee covers registration of unlimited compositions.  Old or new, all of your compositions are included in the initial setup fee no matter when you submit them to us.

Our in-house Creative Department pitches your compositions to Film, TV & Video Music Supervisors to get your music even more exposure and generate additional songwriter and publisher royalties.

We’ve got your compositions covered—as long as you retain the rights we’ll represent them for you.

With TuneCore Music Publishing Administration, your works are being managed properly and you‘re getting top value and services for your compositions.

Start today!