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Happy Wednesday! We’re back with another round-up of TuneCore Artist music videos from all genres across the board. TuneCore is always here to help distract you midweek with some of the best from our artist community. And this week, we’re celebrating my girl! Sorry, “My Girl”, the song. On this day in 1965, the Temptations took it to #1 on the U.S. singles chart – making them the first male-fronted Motown act to do so!

Smileyface, “Hippy Girl”

Dancing On Tables, “Oh”

BELLSAINT, “Losing My Religion”

Melo Makes Music, “Murphy’s Law”

Löwin, “Ghost Of Mine”

Robert Hawkins, “Finished Work”

HOTT MT, “Angel”

Lowland Hum, “Folded Flowers”

Alicia Enstrom, “Don’t Stop (Remix)”

Elise Davis, “I Just Want Your Love”


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