TuneCore Artists Shatter Records: Over $300 Million in Artist Earnings

June 12, 2013

We’re not even halfway through 2013 and already TuneCore Artists have been breaking incredible records.  In the first 5 months of 2013, we’ve seen that artist earnings have grown by 20%, exceeding $300 million dollars since TuneCore launched in 2006.

We’ve also seen a 67% increase in TuneCore Artist downloads and streams, resulting in 3 billion (yes, billion!) units downloaded and streamed during this same period.

record_breaking_v5_orange 4


These truly impressive numbers speak to a tremendous growth in streaming, which lets musicians and fans discover and listen to music anywhere, any time and on any device.  Through TuneCore Distribution, artists can get their music on the top global streaming providers, including Sony Music Unlimited, Spotify, Rhapsody, Deezer, Simfy and more.

For more info about TuneCore Distribution and Publishing Administration, and how they generate revenue for artists, check out TuneCore.com.