J. Dash On His New Album "Tabloid Truth" & Starting A YouTube Street Team

February 2, 2012

Hip Hop artist J. Dash came onto the scene with his single “WOP,”  sparking an (unanticipated) international dance craze.  There are currently over 30 million YouTube views on the official “WOP” videos as fans around the world are WOP-ing to the beat.  This week marked the release of J. Dash’s album Tabloid Truth, the physical copies of which he is releasing exclusively through Walmart.  Read on to learn about this new album, WOP’s remarkable success, and J. Dash’s “YouTube Street Team.”

Your single “WOP” currently has over 30 million views on YouTube! When you created this single did you have any idea that it would spark such a dance craze?
We had no idea it would be this big. It was originally made for me and a couple of my friends so that we could do the dance in the club. For the world to take such a liking to the track has been incredible. I’m flabbergasted and feel blessed everyday!

What do you think contributed to the response?
Honestly it was so organic After a couple of my dancers put up the video other people started to follow…it was such a natural growth, there was no real push behind it.  People just kept seeing it and saying “I’m going to make my own video!”  This was the purest, most organic form of viral video.

You just released your new album Tabloid Truth, with physical albums selling exclusively through Walmart.  What sparked this decision?
Wal-Mart is one of the greatest companies in the world so for an independent artist to sell exclusively through them is a milestone and an honor. We went with them because it’s such a large chain and will get us a ton of exposure. I’m excited.

What kind of marketing/promotional campaign did/do you have in place for the release?
I’ll be doing some in store appearances and autograph signings in Wal-Mart, doing live shows, performing on TV shows for the album and a couple of secrets of course! I’m excited about everything and the world should get ready!

Can you tell us a little about the new album and what listeners can expect?
You can expect a couple of fun records, club records but also some deeper records. The album is a journey through life, the purest form of life I can put through music. I hope people can dance to this record but also live to this record.

In what ways do you engage with your fans?
I love performing and watching peoples’ reactions. Performances are the purest form of connecting with large audiences, but I also love meeting people one on one and hearing their stories and interacting. Of course, Twitter and Facebook are great as well! I love chatting with the Twitter fans and followers and hearing how they heard the record. I’m also definitely on team follow back so follow me @therealjdash.

What’s your YouTube Street Team all about?
The concept of the street team has been around for a long time but as things have gone digital it seemed like a natural progression to take guerilla marketing viral. So I have had people join in and help promote the record by submitting their own versions. It’s great because these people WANT to be there, they put up their own videos. It’s natural.

Got any idea of what’s next?
No and that’s the best part! I’m sure TuneCore will be involved in some way though, so we have that to look forward to!

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