Indie Week 2022

Supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, Keychange is the international initiative whose mission is to transform the music industry by achieving parity for women and gender minorities across festivals and organizations.

TuneCore and Believe are proud to sponsor and present the U.S. launch of Keychange during A2IM's Indie Week 2022. Taking place at the New York Law School throughout the week of June 13th, Keychange will host master classes and workshops with organizations such as EnterGain, Twitch, and YouTube.

By bringing together experts and resources from across all areas of the music industry, Keychange's presented programming aims to provide women and gender minorities access to the tools they need to grow their careers in order to increase their participation and representation in the music industry and ultimately achieve parity.

Session #1

How to Be a Barrier-Breaker: An Inclusion & Allyship Workshop (RSVP Req'd)

June 15th: 10:15am - 11:00am
New York Law School, Room W420

The barrier of entry for women and, the LBGTQ+, Black and ethnically diverse communities remain. Join us for a session around allyship, inclusion and accessibility within the music industry as we discuss how we can lean in and aid in the diversification of the future leaders of music and music-tech companies.

Sponsored by TuneCore & Believe.

Session #2

WORKSHOP: DEI Isn’t an HR Buzz Word, It’s How Organizations Drive Innovation, Growth, & Profit

June 15th: 11:15am - 12:15 pm
New York Law School, Room W420

The topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) isn’t new. And it doesn’t require a big budget or a large HR or DEI team. When DEI is part of everyone’s job, organizations have access to larger candidate pools, a more committed workforce, and a richer set of perspectives contributing to problem solving and innovation. And all of that is good for every metric in your business.

Advancing workplace diversity, equity and inclusion is something everyone can contribute to, every day.

Join this interactive session to engage around simple, actionable DEI practices that everyone on your team from first time managers to founders can do to make a difference. (No RSVP required)

Sponsored by TuneCore & Believe.

Andreea Gleeson - CEO TuneCore (Intro)
Mikal Celentano – Managing Director at EnterGain
James Celentano – Managing Director at EnterGain

Session #3

MASTERCLASS: YouTube: What You Need to Know NOW (RSVP Req’d)

June 15th: 3:00pm - 3:55pm
New York Law School, Room W401

If you’re releasing new, independent music, you know firsthand that the YouTube is an essential piece of the marketing mix for artists; but you also know that it's an ever-evolving platform designed to serve fans in different capacities. From Official Artist Channels to Shorts, join us to get caught up on all things YouTube in 2022 - they'll have case studies and breakdowns on the latest tools and features that artists, labels, managers and marketers can utilize in their next campaign.

Sponsored by TuneCore & Believe.

Kristine Mbadugha, Independent Music Partnerships Manager, YouTube
Courtney Marr, Strategic Partner Manager, Artist Relations, YouTube
Stephanie Shim, Head of East Coast Label Relations, YouTube

Session #4

Twitch Music Masterclass: Where Fans Become Superfans (RSVP Req’d)

June 15th: 4:00pm - 4:55pm
New York Law School, Room W401

Join us to learn how artists turn fans into superfans on Twitch. We’ll cover what every artist, manager, label, or artist marketer should know about how to get the most from Twitch, including how the service can be used to monetize and energize fans and support release cycles, IRL touring, and more.

Sponsored by TuneCore & Believe.

Zoe Willis, Music Program Manager, Twitch
Jordan Williams, Artist Relations, Twitch

Session #5


June 14th: 11:00am - 11:55am
New York Law School, Room W401

On this panel we will hear how EU and U.S. executives are implementing transformative leadership to build inclusive work environments. Each executive has faced professional and personal challenges such as exclusion or limitations to advancement based on gender or race, to working in the music industry and they have found ways to transcend those challenges. By focusing on what is possible and transforming their leadership style to provide support and resources for underrepresented groups, they have attempted to transcend the dominant culture to transform and create more inclusive and therefore, more productive, and safe work environments. Hear what these leaders are doing to create equity and level the playing field and what’s trending post-pandemic, and into a new world of music. (No RSVP required)

Reeperbahn Festival

Keychange US Launch & Showcase

June 14th: 6:00pm to Midnight
The Delancey, 168 Delancey St, New York, NY 10002

A highlight of the Reeperbahn Festival International activities during A2IM Indie Week in New York, will be the U.S. launch kick off-event of the international initiative Keychange, which promotes gender equality in the music industry.

To start the U.S. engagement, Reeperbahn Festival invites you to The Delancey in Lower East Side on June 14 at 6pm.

At the beginning, an exciting and interactive talk with the audience on the topic of the evening is expected. Participants will include representatives from Keychange and UN Women - the organization that works on behalf of the United Nations to promote gender equality and empowering women.

Also, ROBA Music Publishing will present the results of the female, trans & non-binary songwriting camp, which takes place digitally as part of Reeperbahn Festival New York.
Before the second highlight of the day starts, the invited guests and A2IM Indie Week delegates will have the opportunity to exchange ideas on the Delancey's summery roof terrace.
At Reeperbahn Festival New York Showcase emerging female, trans and non-binary artists will enter the stage to present themselves to an audience of international music experts and New York scene goers.

The event is supported by the German Foreign Office.

6:00pm to 8.30pm: Keychange x Reeperbahn Festival New York Reception @ The Delancey Rooftop.
8:30pm to Midnight: Reeperbahn Festival New York Showcase @ The Delancey's "Georgies"

Note: Keychange is the international initiative whose mission is to transform the music industry by achieving parity for women and gender minorities across festivals and organizations. Priority attendance to all Keychange workshops and masterclasses will be given to women and other gender minority attendees, as well as attendees from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups.