Gadgets We Like: Album Scout Hunts For New Music So You Don't Have To

April 12, 2012

Album Scout does all the work to find you new music.  The goal of the free app is to keep you up to date with new emerging artists.  Here’s how it works: Album Scout scans your own music library to get a sense of the kind of music you’re into, and then it recommends new artists based on trends it finds. When it introduces new artists, it provides detailed info from, like biography, tags, and, and similar artists.

You can listen to iTunes previews right through the app, and then, depending on how much you enjoyed that preview, you can click to purchase the song or album on iTunes, or remove the artist from your list of suggestions.

Start hunting for new music!

The app was designed by independent developer Matthew Toohey, and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.