Event Recap: TuneCore Presents in Austin

November 10, 2016

Last week, TuneCore partnered with the Austin Music Foundation to offer an evening of education, networking, industry discussion, and a couple of amazing live performances. The goal of of our multi-functional event, dubbed ‘TuneCore Presents’, was to help artists and partners better understand TuneCore’s services and their music’s revenue sources.

The night kicked off with a VIP reception for some of our TuneCore Artists and music industry colleagues based in Austin. It was a blast to connect with members of the scene on both fronts, especially as our Austin office has still been open just over a year.


After a few cocktails, guests filtered in and we kicked off some presentations! First up was TuneCore CEO Scott Ackerman, who opened up the evening discussing the value of digital distribution and making music available in stores and on streaming platforms in territories all over the world.


Diving into the world of songwriter royalties and licensing next was TuneCore’s VP of Music Publishing Administration Gillian Morris. Gillian is an experienced expert in often confusing arena of publishing, making herself available to Austin-based TuneCore Artists who seek to learn more about how we administer and collect royalties on their behalf. She also dove into the much talked about value of sync placements and how TuneCore is helping to get independent artists of all genres placed in TV, film, ads, video games and more.


The last speaker of the evening was TuneCore’s Director of Video Camille Moussard. Our foremost expert when it comes to how artists can utilize YouTube as a revenue stream, Camille broke it all down for artists and industry folks in the crowd. She  covered the ins and outs of collecting royalties from sound recordings on YouTube and how artists could very well be leaving dough on the table.

Each discussion wrapped with Q&A sessions, allowing for some very thoughtful and thorough questions from our engaged audience. Once everything was wrapped up, it was time for the artists to take the stage!


The crowd was treated to a delightful set of synthy soul tunes from Austin trio Keeper.


Closing out the night was the ever-entertaining three-piece Migrant Kids, who naturally invited our CEO Scott (who they endearingly nicknamed ‘Papa TuneCore’) to join them on lead vocals during their cover of Prince’s “Purple Rain”.

Thanks to all those TuneCore Artists, interested music-makers, and industry pals who showed up to a wonderfully successful event! We’re looking forward to more showcases like this in the coming year, so stay tuned. For now, enjoy our gallery of photos below – maybe you’ll see yourself!

Photos by Ashley Bradley & Megan Watcki


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