Redefining the Hustle: Money Mindset

Don’t fall victim to your own mindset when it comes to finances as an artist! Read part two of Suzanne Paulinski’s three part series, “Redefining the Hustle”.

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TuneCore Launches Service That Helps Artists Collect Their YouTube Sound Recording Revenue

Now all TuneCore Artists can make money from YouTube! Our artists can earn money when their sound recordings are used anywhere on YouTube. They can earn money when other people use their sound recordings in their videos. They also earn money from the sound recordings on their own videos. If their sound recording is being […]

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Gadgets We Like: Makes Spotify A More Social Experience

Are you a big Spotify listener? is a free app for the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch that turns Spotify into a more social experience. With the app you can create a listening room for playlists you’ve created, or check out some of the public rooms to hear specific types of music and hang with thousands of music fans.

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