5 Things Musicians Have To Stop Doing On Twitter

[Editor’s Note: this article was written by Hugh McIntyre.] Twitter isn’t just one of the biggest social media platforms out there, it’s also an incredibly important vehicle for connecting with fans, forming relationships with people in the music industry and for spreading news about your career. It can be a time suck, but it can […]

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Why a Social Media Detox Might Be the Best Thing For You

Ever find that social media is contributing to your stress or anxiety? You’d hardly be alone! Check out why ‘taking a break’ can be helpful for your music career.

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Mastering TikTok – TuneCore Live Session [Recap + Stream]

New to TikTok? Feeling overwhelmed with how to implement it into your social strategy? Check out our recent TuneCore Live Session that’ll answer all your questions!

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Tips For Social Media Posting Frequency in 2020

While many have the opinion that you can never post too much on a social media network, research shows that there’s definitely a threshold after which additional posts begin to feel like spam. That point varies for each network however.

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Marketing Your Art Without Losing Your Integrity

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by Shannon Byrne.] If promoting yourself makes you uncomfortable or if you feel like it challenges your integrity, now is an excellent time to find what feels right. If you’re a career musician, you have to sell your work and you have to grow your audience. You are a […]

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Life During Quarantine: Creative Marketing Tactics For Artists

In an effort to provide some relevant marketing tactics during this time, we’re looking to some of our digital store partners and social media platforms to spark a bit of creativity while in isolation.

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