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TuneCore Artists continue to make their mark this year, building on the success they achieved in 2013: $371 million in earnings from over 5.25 billion downloads since we launched in 2006.

With January now behind us, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the artists from our community who are on the fast track for 2014…

January 2014 iTunes Chart Leaders

Alternative Chart
> The new cover of Bob Marley’s “I Shot the Sheriff” performed by N.A.S.A, featuring the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O., premiered on a Sonos commercial during the Grammy’s and immediately went into the Top 100.
> Ron Pope’s Calling Off The Dogs was featured on the iTunes homepage as “New & Noteworthy” and made it to #18.
> Kye Kye’s Fantasize hit #13 on iTunes on the release date.

> Dave Barnes has five singles on the Singer/Songwriter Singles chart, with his album Golden Days in the #2 album spot.
> Andrew Ripp’s new single, “Simple,” reached #4.
> Benjy Davis‘ self-titled debut is a hit, placing in the Top 5.
> Joseph Patton’s Up&Down reached #11.

> Isaiah Rashad, the newest artist in the Top Dawg Entertainment group, scored the #3 Hip-Hop album with his debut Cilvia Demo.
> Scott & Brendo cracked the Top 50 with their new track “Beat Calls.”

> Watercolor’s “Stick Around” hit #18.  The band features YouTube star Acacia Brinley.
> Former N’Sync member and now all-around entertainer, Lance Bass released his new single “Walking on Air.” The track is performed with Anise K, and features Snoop Dogg and Bella Blue. It made it to the Top 200 this month.
> Barcelona’s new EP, Love Me, made it to #38.

>Charlie Peacock, Nashville songwriter for Civil Wars, hit #1 on release day for his album Lemonade.
> Kenneth Whalum III’s track “Away” (feat. Big K.R.I.T) hit #2.
> Jazz artist Jumane Jones’ collection of romantic standards debuted at #6.

> Cody Johnson’s new album Cowboy Like Me shot to #3 when it released.
> Old Dominion’s debut track “Dirt on A Road,” launching on Sirius XM and iTunes the same day, went immediately to the top 150 Country single.
> Cody Johnson continues to sell well and went to #5 his second week out.

Christian & Gospel
> John Mark McMillan’s new single “Future / Past” hit Top 5 track when it released on January 14.
> Jake Hamilton’s Beautiful Rider immediately went to #2 upon its debut.


> The month of January was hot for TuneCore Artists with comedy tracks (even though most of the U.S. was in a deep freeze.) Toby Turner (#1, #6, #12, # 16, #24, #25, #26), Scuzz Twittly (#2, #15), GameChap (#5, #10), Deebri Music (#7), Smosh (#11, #18), Inthelittlewood (#19, #27), Chester See, Kevjumba, & Ryan Higa (#22).

> Pokémon Heartgold & Pokémon SoulSilver: Super Music Collection by Game Freak quickly made the Top Ten Soundtrack.

> Reality star Kandi Burruss’ new single “Let Them Love” was a Top Ten hit.

Tunecore Music Publishing Administration Songwriters’ Recently Featured Compositions
> Samsung Galaxy S3, “I Believe” – Writer: Oscar Owens, Artist: Minnutes
Single Ladies-Season 3, “Crashing Down” – Writer: Kady Riklis, Artist: Kady Z
> The Bag Man trailer, “Witch Me Well” – Writer: Anthony Watkins, Artist: Mobley

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