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Hope you’re enjoying CMJ 2014! (We sure are.) Even if you’re unable to make it this year, enjoy our round-up of videos from TuneCore Artists in attendance, gigging their hearts out around New York City all week! Most of these artists can also be found at the TuneCore-sponsored event, The Wild Honey Pie’s “Beehive” on October 25th.

[youtube]Zella Day, “Compass (Buzzsession)”

[youtube]Little Daylight, “Overdose (Buzzsession)”

[youtube]Modern Rivals, “The Dead Leaves (Buzzsession)”

[youtube]Yellerkin, “Dixie Rain (Welcome Campers)”

[youtube]Fort Lean, “High Definition”

[youtube]The Echo Friendly, “Same Mistakes (Honey I’m Home Session)”

Neighbors, “Hooligans”

Twin Wave, “Relapse”

[youtube]Turf War, “Where I Belong”

[youtube]The Kickback, “Sting’s Teacher Years”


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