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Happy Wednesday! Hopefully you’re not viewing this from a #PolarVortext territory, but if you are, we hope you’re at least bundled up. Back again rolling out a line up of TuneCore Artist videos! And did you know on this very day back in 1972, the little-known band Wicked Lester changed their name to KISS and appeared as such for the first time in Queens, NY? That’s right – all those wallets, t-shirts, posters, jackets, lunchboxes, pinball machines, and waffle irons that the band branded over the next three decades could have all said “Wicked Lester” on them. Big time missed opportunity, right?! Anywho, enjoy this week’s videos!

Neomi, “Body On Body”

HOTT MT, “Tranceforming”

Vanlalchhanhima Ralte, “Need is Need (feat. NoahSoundz)”

Emily Scott Robinson, “Traveling Mercies (Official Studio Performance)”

Keeyen Martin, “In My Feelings (Drake Cover)”

Lue Maine, “Black Mamba”

Chozen Dee, “Been Missing”

Marv Green, “Ghost Town Train”

Shop Boyz, “Ur Body”


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