Happy Wednesday once again! We’re back as always, dropping in with a round-up of TuneCore Artist music videos for your viewing and listening pleasure. Speaking of videos, it was on this day exactly 36-years ago that rock ‘n roll legends KISS appeared on MTV…WITHOUT MAKEUP ON for the first time! While the outfits still dazzled in their own way, it was still jarring for many fans (and kind of still is if the only thing that follows “KISS” in your head is “makeup”):

Granville Automatic, “Radio Hymns”

Haley Smalls, “Dopamine”

Ckeelay, “G.O.A.T. (feat. Billie Dale & Xpression)”

Kyle Park, “Rio”

Cale Tyson, “Ain’t It Strange”

OJR, “Under the Hood”

Marie Miller, “The Other Side of Paradise”

Andrea von Kampen, “Portland”


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