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Notice: Important
Changes to Google Play

We are continuously working with digital music platforms to allow you to efficiently and easily share your music with your fans, wherever they are. We always strive to keep our artist community aware of any updates when it comes to the platforms they rely on to sell music and build fanbases. To keep our offering up-to-date, we are making changes in accordance with Google’s previously announced plan to replace Google Play Music with YouTube Music.

In anticipation of this upcoming product change, starting this month, content that has been, or will be, delivered to Google Play Music, will also become available (at no cost) on YouTube and YouTube Music.

TuneCore and Google will handle the migration of your music, as we believe this provides value to both you and your fans. However, if you prefer your music not to be on YouTube or YouTube Music, you can take it down at any time.

What You Need to Do

If you’re a TuneCore Artist who has distributed your music to all stores, or at least Google Play Music and YouTube Music, you do not need to take any action. TuneCore and Google will assist in making sure that your ‘Art Tracks’ on YouTube Music are still available to fans on that platform.

If you’re a TuneCore Artist who has distributed your music to Google Play Music but prefer it not to be on YouTube Music, you can take it down at any time. Please note: if you take content down from YouTube Music or Google Play it will be removed from both stores. If you’d like to do this, click here.


Historical Google Play Music reporting and payouts will remain under the same name in your TuneCore “My Sales” monthly sales reports. You will receive the remaining reports for your music’s Google Play Music performance in the same place as before. Once you have received all of the remaining reports, any new performance reports will be available under YouTube Music. As a reminder, reports are typically sent out on a two-month delay.

As always, TuneCore is here for our artists every step of the way! If you’ve still got questions about the news above, feel free to reach out to our Artist Support team.

And remember, while distributing your music to YouTube Music helps make your releases available as ‘Art Tracks’ on the platform, you can also take advantage of YouTube’s Content ID system and earn revenue when your music is used in other users’ videos for a one-time fee. Learn more about TuneCore’s YouTube Sound Recording service here.