Supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, Keychange is the international initiative whose mission is to transform the music industry by achieving parity for women and gender minorities across festivals and organizations.

TuneCore & Believe are proud to sponsor and present the Keychange Gender Equality Hub at Reeperbahn Festival 2022, taking place in Hamburg, Germany on 22 September, 2022. This year, Keychange will host master classes and workshops with organizations such as YouTube, TikTok, Apple Music, Sentric Music, Groover + more.

By bringing together experts and resources from across all areas of the music industry, Keychange’s presented programming aims to provide women and gender minorities access to the tools they need to grow their careers in order to elevate their participation, representation, influence in the music industry– and ultimately achieve parity.

YouTube Best Practices and Content Strategies for Artists

English // Hermann Miller // 10:00-11:00 AM

Get inspiration and tips from the YouTube team on how to optimize and fill your artist channel with amazing content that drives subscriber growth. With some great global and local video examples, we talk about important features that can help tell your unique story beyond just music videos. Growing a successful YouTube channel could be easier, so come along to hear our best practices!

Katerina Adamopoulou

Manager, Music Partnerships, YouTube

What the Fuck is Music Publishing?

English // Hermann Miller // 3:00-4:00 PM

Publishing can be a confusing world for emerging artists. Who has the time and energy to think about intellectual property when there’s a middle eight to perfect?! In this talk independent publisher Sentric Music will go through the basics of just what publishing is, why it’s an utterly vital income stream for emerging musicians and what they can do to make sure they’re getting every single £, € and $ that they are owed"

Joel Dipple

Artist Relationship Manager, Sentric Music

Open Discussion: Female Rap – Safe Spaces, Career Strategies and the Role of the Media

German// Hermann Miller // 4:30-5:30 PM

There are more and more female rappers - and they become more successful. But sexism is still omnipresent. Other gender minorities are still completely underrepresented in German Rap. Tobias "Toxik" Kargoll (editor and moderator) and Jeanette Lang (community manager) from share observations and experiences from their work at Germany's biggest hiphop magazine. Together they will discuss possible strategies for success and resistance for women and gender minorities: In which cases can hate reactions be expected and how can they be dealt with? How can more effective networks be built? Is sexualization useful as a means of self-empowerment? The open discussion is intended to facilitate an exchange at eye level.

Tobias Kargoll

publisher and Co-Founder THE AMBITION

Jeanette Lang

Community Manager, Management Assistance ManeraMedia GmbH

Promotional Strategy: Expanding Your Outreach to Curators

English // The Fritz // 10:00-11:00 AM

There are 40,000 new songs being released every day on Spotify, and it's become increasingly difficult to stand out in a crowd. With a rapid release strategy becoming commonplace coupled with a level playing field for indie artists to distribute their music, building an online presence has never been more important. Independent artists in 2022 need more than just luck to blow up. 

Artists, managers, labels and publicists need to embrace the services and tools that offer a direct route to playlist curators, online radio programmers, and tastemakers. If an increasingly oversaturated online music market, this workshop (organized by Groover) will touch on the newest tools, methods and tips to help you get your music heard by the right ears.

Dorian Perron

Co-Founder, Groover

SoundCloud is Educating And Empowering Artists To Build Careers On Their Own Terms

English // The Fritz // 3:00-4:00 PM

Artists have more choice than ever in how they invest in their growth and become the next breakout star. In this masterclass, Ian Greaves and Jack Bridges from SoundCloud's music team reveal the newest features on the platform, creative ways to directly engage with and grow your fanbase and more. Come hear how the next-generation music entertainment company is empowering its artist community to more easily and successfully build careers on their own terms.

Ian Greaves

Director, International Major Label Services

Jack Bridges

Sr. Manager, Independent Label Relations

Ups & Downs: The Story of a Viral Track in 2022

English // The Fritz // 4:30-5:30 PM

Beginning in 2019, German Hip Hop/R&B artist Theo Junior tapped into the TikTok ecosystem - constantly creating video content, engaging fans, and utilizing it to test and share new music before it was released. But as an independent artist, he still faced the same uphill struggles as everyone else.

In 2022, his track "Ups & Downs" begins to pick up traction on TikTok; even prior to release the sound had amounted over 2,500 videos on TikTok, by now this has surged to 30k videos, and has only within a few weeks racked up over 10 million plays. In this masterclass, we'll examine the practices Theo put into place early in his career, how he made social media work for him, and how his viral success led to getting signed.

Theo Junior


Colin Eger

Head of TuneCore, Germany

How to TikTok as an Artist

German // Sports Hub // 10:00-11:00 AM

The impact of TikTok on the music industry has been profound. Audiences are discovering new songs, artists and soundtracking trends, and that success lives off the platform, as tracks popularised on TikTok storm to the top of charts.

Lipsync and dance? Sure, but we are much more than that. This masterclass is dedicated directly to artists and their managements to learn the tools and best practises to be present on TikTok. Sign up and hear directly from our Music Team and our panelist how also you can express yourself with authenticitiy and even have fun doing it.

Charlotte Stahl

Artist Relations, TikTok

Working with Apple Music

German // Sports Hub // 3:00-4:00 PM

As a Premium Music subscription service, we offer much more than just 90 million songs.
Join us for a masterclass focussed on how you as an artist can collaborate with the Apple Music team in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Two members of the Apple Music team will present an in-depth look at our initiatives in content, editorial and partnerships.

Invite Only

Julia Hofbauer

Apple Music GSA

Clifford Muthukumarana

Apple Music GSA

Playlist Pitching

German // Sports Hub // 4:30-5:30 PM

How are playlists curated and what can musicians do to increase their chances of being placed on one of the coveted lists? Eleni Zafiriadou and Jörg Peters from recordJet give insights into their work with streaming partners.

Eleni Zafiriadou

Product Manager, recordJet

Jörg Peters

Strategic and Operational Marketing, recordJet