A3C Artists Spotlight – Ripynt & Translee

October 11, 2014

As a part of our on-going A3C Festival coverage, we’re here to provide insight from artists featured in this year’s lineup. These are hard-working, independent hip-hop artists embracing entrepreneurial journeys every day, and TuneCore is proud to be a part of the process! We caught up with TuneCore artists Ripynt and Translee to see how they plan on approaching the festival.

A3C isn’t just producers and artists – industry professionals, members of the media and fans travel from all corners to check out what’s happening in hip-hop.  This brings huge opportunities for artists to get out there, perform, and shake some hands.

“I’m hoping to meet some new bloggers,” Translee says. “Bloggers make the world go round.”

Ripynt certainly sees A3C as a chance to get out there: “I know that doing this hip-hop thing as a career can’t be played safely from your own backyard. You have to travel, play for untested crowds, and network with all the possible contacts you can.”

Hip-hop is TuneCore’s #1 genre, so of course we’re pleased to see a festival that caters to its vast array of artists. A3C is truly a festival that benefits the independent hip-hop community, bringing likeminded people together.

“Performing for the [A3C] Fest is awesome, but the real win is in the people you get a chance to mix with,” says Ripynt.

Translee agrees, stating that A3C “gives [independent artists] a platform to be proud of. Everyone around the city is asking about the different shows and the air is electric.”

We know half the battle of a festival like A3C is getting there in the first place. Independent artists of ANY genre are constantly striving for access to new ears, as well as a means to deliver music to their already established fan bases.

TR blog

“TuneCore has spread my music across all avenues, increasing my visibility. They make it easy for my diverse fan base to find me,” explains Translee, whose fans are obviously plugged in – he boasts almost 52,000 Twitter followers.

Ripynt has been around the block with digital distribution, and had kind words to say of TuneCore’s services. “TuneCore has made it abundantly easy to be heard,” he says, “The tools at your disposal are much more reliable, the analytics are unquestionably necessary, and ease of use is without a doubt the best in the business.”

Of course, let’s not forget – just because artists are there to work, doesn’t mean they can’t have a little fun! These guys are hip-hop fans, too, after all.

R&CR blog

“I’m excited at the fact that a lot of the artists I grew up listening to will be performing this year,” Ripynt says, citing Mystikal, LOX, Slaughter House and Pharaohe Monch as some sets he intends to catch.

As for Translee: “Rocko is one of my favorite artists, so I’m ready to see his show.”

As TuneCore “Artists To Watch“, both Translee and Ripynt know promotion and standing out is key, (Translee: “Turning up social media an staying in the streets.” Ripynt: “Equip ourselves with free EP’s, announcement flyers, and business cards.”).  Be sure to look for both artists at A3C if you’re in Atlanta this week, and online otherwise – their artist profiles are below!

Translee at A3C Fest – Set times
Ripynt & Carl Roe at A3C Fest – Set times

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