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Good afternoon, bored people of the Internet. We’ve got ourselves another Wednesday afternoon on our hands, which means another round up of TuneCore Artist music videos to keep you nice and distracted from whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing at the moment. You may also want to take this moment to acknowledge that 15 years ago today, hip hop icon 50 Cent was putting his feet up as the highest selling U.S. Artist of the year so far, thanks to his Get Rich or Die Tryin’ album breezed through Q1 moving over four million copies. FOUR MILLION COPIES. (If you don’t have “In The Club” stuck in your head just reading that, you’re either too young or waaaaay too old.)

The Weight of $ilence, “Shutterbugg (Big Boi Metal Cover)”

Jessie Clement, “Sixteen”

Phillip LaRue, “Memories”

Lydia Luce, “Love You True”

Anchorlot, “Hallelujah”

courtship., “Tell Me Tell Me”

Wallows, “Pictures of Girls”

Nakia, “Whipping Post”

Friyie, “5 Ways”

Jackie Venson, “Fight (Live)”


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