Cookie Policy


(updated January 2021)

This Cookie Management Policy (hereafter “Cookie Policy“) concerns the websites and applications (hereafter the Sites“) published by BELIEVE SAS, or one of its subsidiaries, including TUNECORE (hereafter “Believe“, or “We“, “Our“), which artists, producers, managers, independent labels, clients, fans or simple visitors use (hereafter “You“, or “Your”). Its purpose is to give you all the relevant information relating to the use of cookies on our Sites.

  1. Why a Cookie Management Policy?

The purpose of this cookie management policy is to inform You about the cookies that are active on Our Sites, about your rights relating to the acceptance or refusal of these cookies and their consequences, about the purposes of these cookies and the duration of their conservation. 

  1. What is a cookie?

Cookies (or trackers) are computer files containing a certain amount of information stored on Your devices (computer, smartphone, or tablet) when You visit Our Sites. Cookies are useful because they enable Us to recognise Your device/terminal when You return to Our Sites, and thus to improve Your experience and Your browsing on Our Sites or to offer You a personalised service, for example by storing information about Your preferences in order to recognise You during Your subsequent visits. Third-party companies may also deposit cookies when You visit Our Sites for purposes such as audience measurement or advertising. Only the issuer of a cookie is likely to read or modify the information contained in it. The list of these third-party companies is available on Our Sites (to be adapted if it appears in the Preferences Centre). 

  1. What is Believe’s role?

As editor of Our Sites, We are in charge of processing the cookies that we store there and We ensure the control of the cookies stored by third-party companies. When We determine together with a third company the purposes and the means of the cookies used, We are jointly responsible with that third party for data processing. When third parties act as subcontractors, they act in Our name and on Our behalf (e.g. advertising agencies).

  1. How can I set my cookie preferences?

You can set the cookies that you accept or refuse in the Preferences Centre accessible from any page of the Site. You can change your choices/preferences at any time. Changing or refusing certain settings may have an impact on the proper functioning of the Sites.  The acceptance of cookies constitutes Your consent. If you continue browsing by closing the Preferences Centre, all cookies will be refused. In addition to the configuration options offered in the Preferences Centre, You can follow the procedure for using certain cookies specific to Your device.  For more information, please contact us at:  We remind You that in this case, access to certain promotions or features of the Sites may be impacted. Our Sites are not necessarily compatible with browser-based do-not-track-signals.

  1. Which cookies are strictly necessary? 

Technical cookies are strictly necessary to enable You to navigate, to use the functionalities of the Sites, and to access secure areas (e.g. access to your account/customer area). They are activated in response to Your actions on the Sites. They do not store any personal data and do not require Your consent. Without these cookies, certain functionalities cannot be provided. You can configure your browser to block these cookies, in which case certain parts of the Site will no longer be able to function. 

These are cookies that technically allow you to: 

  • Keep Your choices in the Preferences Centre;
  • Authenticate you and secure this authentication (e.g. limiting robotic or unexpected access attempts);
  • Keep the contents of a shopping basket on a merchant site in memory and, after purchase, invoice You for the product(s) and/or service(s); 
  • Personalise the interface (choice of language or presentation of a service), when such personalisation is an intrinsic and expected element of the service. These cookies are used to create an identifier using data collected automatically from a device for specific characteristics (e.g. IP address). This identifier may be used to re-identify a device;
  • Balance the load of the equipment contributing to a communication service;
  • Allow paying sites to limit free access to a sample of content (predefined quantity and/or over a limited period of time);
  • Measure the audience (only in cases where consent is not required) if:  
    • Cookies are strictly limited to measuring the audience of the Sites (measuring performance, detecting navigation problems, optimising technical performance or ergonomics, estimating the power of the necessary servers, analysing the content consulted) for Our exclusive account; 
    • They do not allow the global follow-up of Your navigation on different sites or applications;
    • The data collected are only used to produce anonymous statistics;
    • The data collected does not allow cross-checking with other data and that the data is transmitted to third parties. 
  1. Which cookies are optional?  
  •   Cookies for audience measurement or analytics: They collect information that enables us to know how You use the Sites (e.g. which pages are visited most often or if an error message is displayed on the site). They require consent when cookie-sending partners indicate that they are re-using the data for their own purposes.
  • Cookies to measure ad performance: analysis of audience and product development, including ad performance, and measurement of the effectiveness of personalised content and advertising.
  • Cookies to measure content performance: analysis and measurement of the audience, performance and effectiveness of content You viewed or interacted with. Cookies can be used to improve existing products, content, and software, or to develop new products.
  • Cookies to enable market research to generate audience data: these allow third-party partners to learn more about the audiences who visit Sites, use applications and see advertisements. 
  1. What are the functional cookies used to provide a more personalised experience? These cookies store information about You, such as the country from which You visit the Site, the language used, or the region in which You are located. This information can then be used to provide You with a more appropriate experience according to Your choices. The information collected by these cookies may be made anonymous. Cookies cannot be used to track browsing activity on other sites. They may be activated by Us or by third parties whose services are used on the pages of the Sites. If You refuse them, some or all of the Site’s service(s) may not function properly. 
  • Cookies to store and/or access information stored on a device/terminal: these are identifiers of Your device/terminal or other information that may be stored or accessed on Your device/terminal directly by partners. 
  • Cookies to link different devices/terminals to You or to the same household. 
  • Precise geolocation cookies: to collect and process precise geolocation data (to within a few metres) in support of one or more purposes. 
  • Cookies to match and combine offline data sources:  allow data obtained offline to be combined with data collected online in support of one or more purposes. 
  • Cookies allowing the active analysis of the characteristics of the terminal for identification:  allow third-party partners to create an identifier using the data collected via an active analysis of a terminal for the identification of specific characteristics (e.g. font or screen resolution). They can also be useful to re-identify a terminal on the basis of the created identifier.  
  1. Which cookies are used for advertising targeting?                      

These cookies collect information about Your browsing habits so that the advertising offered is more relevant to Your interests. They are used both to limit the number of times an ad or advertising campaign is displayed and to measure its effectiveness. They are generally placed by a third-party advertising agency with Our consent. They record the websites visited and this information may be shared with advertisers. Often these cookies will be linked to a site feature provided by a third-party organisation. If you do not accept these cookies, your advertising will be less targeted.

  • They allow the selection of standard advertisements: according to the editorial content consulted, the application used, the approximate location (radius of 500 metres minimum) of the type of terminal You use, the IP address, URL, etc. 
  • Or to create a personalised profile and select advertisements or personalised content: based on Your interests (collection of Your activity, interests, sites, applications or content viewed, demographics or location data). 
  • Cookies for product development: These cookies allow third-party partners to use information to improve their existing products by adding new features. They also allow new products to be developed and new models and algorithms to be created using Machine Learning. 
  1. What are cookies from social networks and/or music platforms?   

These cookies allow You to share Your experience on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc.) and/or music platforms (Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). These cookies are not under the control of BELIEVE. Even if You do not use the share buttons or associated applications, it is possible that social networks may follow Your navigation if Your session/account is open on Your computer at that time. This collection of information may be linked to advertising or targeting activities in accordance with the privacy or confidentiality protection policy specific to each social network. 

You can choose to accept or decline all optional cookies and change Your choices at any time via the Preferences Centre.

  1. How long will cookies be kept? 

We store cookies for 6 months, except for certain audience measurement cookies which are stored for 13 months (only those for which consent is not required). 

For more information you can consult Our Privacy Policy.