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It’s Wednesday once more, and here you are on our blog seeking some sort of distraction from whatever boredom the day has brought you so far. Well don’t worry, we won’t disappoint. August 15th is a cool, historical day in concert-going (specifically in the state of New York!): on this day in 1965, the Beatles set a new record for attendance at a pop concert with 55,600 showing up for their Shea Stadium show in New York; this little thing called Woodstock kicked off on this day in 1969, with 400,000 people attending; and a few decades later on August 15th, 1991, the legend Paul Simon played a free concert in Central Park, with over 750,000 in the crowd. So if you weren’t planning on hitting a show tonight, maybe think again. And if you’re not in the mood, maybe this week’s round-up of TuneCore Artist music videos will help:

AdELA, “Payoff”

GoldYard, “Who Cares”

Dancing On Tables, “Body”

Roanoke, “Tennessee Stone”

Nakia, “Yonder Wall”

AZRA, “Dimension”

The Bones of J.R. Jones, “I See You”


Gareth Dunlop, “Can’t Stand Myself”

The Gray Havens, “Band Of Gold”


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