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Senior Director, Brand Marketing

Melanie Seddon is Senior Director of Brand Marketing for TuneCore, where she oversees all brand marketing efforts and manages the team responsible for TuneCore’s social media channels as well as TuneCore events. Her primary focus and what drives her, is keeping artists at the forefront of everything TuneCore does.

The creation of the marketing campaign, Independent AF was a highlight for Melanie. Through merchandise and billboards, the initiative introduced new brand messaging and a creative energy that artists identified with and was then amplified across all of TuneCore’s social media channels.

Melanie earned a B.S. from the University of Rhode Island. Before joining TuneCore, she was Vice President of Brand Marketing at Occasion Brands (overseeing, and The transition from retail to music was a natural one, as Melanie has always had a deep love of hip-hop. Her first CDs ever purchased were Jay-Z Vol. 2, Hard Knock Life and “Money, Power, Respect,” by The Lox.

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