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We’re thrilled to invite our artist community to take part in our biggest educational initiative yet. 

TuneCore Rewards is your one-stop-shop for everything you’ll ever need to know to make it as an independent artist.

Receive expert advice from music industry pros. Gain real insight from real artists. Complete Master Classes in all of the topics you need to succeed. And of course, get rewarded as you progress.

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Complete Master Classes

Music distribution, recording tips, release planning-there’s a lot to cover. But don’t worry, we got you covered.

Completing Master Classes is simple: you’ll watch a short series of educational videos featuring music industry experts and successful artists. Once you complete the video series, you'll need to pass a short test to pass the Master Class. If you pass, congratulations: you’ve officially earned your certificate! And did we mention, this is all for free?

Earn Points and Redeem Free Rewards

Earn Points and Redeem Free Rewards

TuneCore Rewards doesn’t stop at Master Classes. There’s plenty of other ways to earn points just by being a TuneCore artist. The more active you are an artist, the more bonus points you’ll be able to unlock. Distribute a single, enroll in Publishing, distribute an album--the more you do, the more points you’ll earn. The more points you earn, the more rewards you’ll be able to unlock.


Unlock new episodes, earn more certificates, get exclusive access to VIP sessions, and more by reaching new levels.

New Artist
Sign Up for TuneCore

-Access to expert advice from industry pros

-Complete Master Classes to help grow your music career

-Earn points & get rewards

Emerging Artist
Distribute a Release

-Everything in New Artist

-Earn Points & Redeem Rewards

-Unlock advanced Master Classes to help get your music heard

Rising Artist
Earn $50+ or Distribute 5+ Releases

-Everything in Emerging Artist

-Unlock New Master Classes & Rewards

-Unlock expert Master Classes to further grow your career

Breakout Artist
Earn $1,000+ or Distribute 25+ Releases

-Everything in Rising Artist

-Exclusive invites to VIP Live Sessions from industry pros

-Unlock access to valuable marketing opportunities from TuneCore

Earn $50,000+

-Everything from Breakout Artist

-Get VIP Customer Service from our Artist Support team

Go Further

Go Further

As you grow in your career, you’ll be able to unlock exclusive opportunities, including:

-VIP Sessions - Exclusive invites to small sessions hosted by industry pros who will help you sharpen your social media skills, master your promotion strategy, and teach you how to collab with other creatives in the game.

-Artist Submission Portal- Exclusive feature opportunities on the TuneCore site while reaching millions of potential fans.

-Brand Ambassador Program - Show us what being IndependentAF means to you and apply to be an official TuneCore Brand Ambassador. 

-Store Awareness- Submit your music for playlist consideration and other promotional opportunities with our store partners like TikTok, Spotify, Apple Music and more.

-VIP Customer Care- receive priority VIP artist support for all of your current and upcoming releases.


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