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Another booooring Wednesday afternoon calls for another sweeeeeeet round-up of TuneCore Artist music videos. And while we’re celebrating greatness, let’s give a big warm birthday to Jonathan Richman! Between his thoughtful and some times zany solo work and epic 1977 release with The Modern Lovers – not to mention countless appearances in Farrelly Brothers films – the man is living legend. Here’s to many more, J.R.!

Straight White Teeth, “Illuminate and Burn”

Alicia Witt, “Anyway”

Dancing On Tables, “Twenty”

Knox Hamilton, “Washed Up Together”

Dustin Collins, “She Does”

Elise Davis, “Don’t Bring Me Flowers”

Katie Belle, “American Wild”

Wesley Jensen, “Humanitarians”

Diablo, “In The Field”

Tori Harper, “Find Me”


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