Gadgets We Like: Song Writer App Captures Musical Inspiration, Whenever/Wherever

August 3, 2011

One of the most important things about songwriting is being able to capture any and all ideas that you have.  Timing shouldn’t be a fork in the creative process.  With this in mind, brothers Daniel and David Harrison, artists themselves, worked with Apptology Inc to create the Song Writer App for the iPhone.

With this app you can write, record, and share songs on the go, no matter if you have a complete tune or just a few lines. You start by naming your song and filling in the tempo and key fields (both are optional), and then you can proceed to edit lyrics and chords. If you’re ready to record the track you have the option to do so. The sharing function is especially easy, as Song Writer lets you send your creation over to any email address, and the person on the other end will receive your song complete with with the title, tempo, key indicator, and recording file, if you made one.

The app currently costs just $0.99 in the iTunes store, and a portion of the proceeds supports, a non-profit organization that rescues and cares for victims of human trafficking and child prostitution.

Get the app and start writing!

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