Launch Social Campaigns in Minutes with TwitMusic

August 18, 2014

Twit_logo_name_dotsWhen you have new music to release, you want your fans to know about it.   And because so many music consumers use social media, promoting your new album or single on Twitter and Instagram can have great reach.  Here’s the problem: setting up these marketing campaigns can be difficult (and pricey) without the support of a big marketing team behind you.  Well…not anymore.

Introducing TwitMusic!  TwitMusic helps artists launch social campaigns on Twitter and Instagram quickly.  We’re talking minutes.  Engage your fans, capture fan data and drive revenue across your social channels.

We’ll break it down…

Engage your fans.

Get fans excited about your new album by setting up a campaign that lets them tweet to unlock never-before-seen album art.  Or connect with fans by engaging them in contests and participatory showdowns.  Generate buzz and get connected with music consumers.

Capture fan data.

Collect fan emails, gender/location demographics and audience reach.  Track results on follower acquisition and engagement.  Your analytics update in real-time and you can export the data to use in marketing and presentations.

Drive more sales:

Include purchase links in your campaigns, linking fans to iTunes, Google Play and other digital stores.  Did you know that intent to purchase increases +64% when fans come through a social experience?

And here’s the best part of it all: TuneCore Artists get an exclusive offer!  Save 15% on any annual subscription. Offer ends September 30, 2014.

Sound good? Get more info and start your free trial.