Interview: Adore Delano Keeps the Party Going

May 2, 2016

Danny Noriega introduced himself to American viewers in 2008 when he was selected to be a contestant on Season Seven of American Idol. Making it to the semi-finals, Noriega built a viral reputation for his sassy attitude and rapport with judge Simon Cowell, and while some Idol contestants go on to release music independently or sign with a label, Noriega took to YouTube.

After receiving post-Idol support from television personalities like Rosie O’Donnell and Ellen Degeneres, Noriega built a name for himself performing skits (and eventually original songs) on YouTube as himself and in drag as Adore Delano. In 2013 – following several years of performing/competing in drag – Adore was invited to compete as a contestant on Season Six of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

After placing third in the drag series, Adore focused her attention on releasing music and dropped her debut dance album, Til Death Do Us Party, the following year. We’re flattered that Adore has chosen TuneCore to release such lively music, and she was kind enough to answer a few quick questions for us after releasing the follow-up album After Party this spring. Check it out:

You were a contestant on American Idol at age 18. When did you know you were destined to be a performer?
Adore Delano: I knew when I was super young. There isn’t a video of me as a child where I’m not singing.

Tell us a bit about the momentum after Idol and how you went on to utilize YouTube to build an audience.
I was on YouTube before American Idol but no one cared. The show was such a huge deal for my career. I remember not being able to go shopping without being recognized for a couple years.

I knew it wouldn’t last so I had to reach the people and build a audience so I went straight back to YouTube.

What do you think about the evolution of YouTube as a platform for young artists and personalities? 
The possibilities are so endless when it comes to social media. You just have to know what your message is.

Similarly, do you have any advice for younger artists and performers who are trying to make an impact on YouTube?
Be an individual. Stand out. Even if it pisses some people off.


You did quite well on season six of RuPaul’s Drag Race. What kind of an impact do you think shows like this one are having in terms of helping kids become more comfortable with their sexual orientation?
I think it has a huge impact and I’m so freakin’ honored to have been apart of it. It’s showing the kids that “weird” is normal and life is a play. Dress up and have fun.

What are your thoughts about the current state of dance music in general?
I love music in general so I’m totally feeling what is out at the moment. There seems to be a chill vibe happening a lot right now and I dig it.

Adore Delano

There definitely seems to be a connection between your debut, Til Death Do Us Party and your recent release, After Party. What kind of themes and emotions are you going for in the latter?
I wanted to have the year after the party told a little bit. People grow and change and that’s OK.

Expand on the Battle Of the Seasons Tour and the rest of your plans for 2016.
The tour is fun. We all get along and have a blast. 2016 is a good year for me, I have many projects I’m excited to start.

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