TuneCore Launches in France

October 13, 2016

Independent French artists now have access to best-in-class global digital distribution and music publishing opportunities

Paris, France – 13 October, 2016 – TuneCore, the leading digital music distribution and publishing administration service provider, today announced the launch of TuneCore France today at the MaMA Event in Paris. Tunecore.fr is the third European market in TuneCore’s continued international expansion, joining TuneCore Germany and UK.

Tunecore.fr allows France-based artists to collect and keep 100 percent of their revenue from streaming services & digital download stores, and covers the songwriter royalties & sync licensing opportunities, all in their local currency. In addition, Tunecore.fr will be available in French and feature local content that caters to the French independent artist community.

With the new expansion, TuneCore France artists can opt-in to include their music in storefronts within TuneCore’s extensive network of digital partners across the globe, including French market leader, Deezer, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Napster and Amazon Music while retaining 100 percent of their sales revenue and rights for a low annual flat fee. With over 150 partners worldwide, TuneCore provides independent artists with the opportunity to sell and share their music in important and growing global markets, such as Australia, India, Latin America, Africa, and Russia, as well as the United States and Europe. Since the company’s inception in 2006, TuneCore artists have earned more than 650,000,000 € collectively.

As in other countries, TuneCore France customers will be able to take advantage of local artist services. In an effort to cater its offerings in France to the needs of local independent artists, TuneCore has expanded its artist services through exclusive partnerships in the French market including, ConfliktArts, which allows artists to manufacture CDs, Vinyls and Merchandising, and KissKissBankBank, the leading French crowdfunding company. Other local partnerships include Audiofanzine, Woodbrass, and imusic-school, Vinyl It. TuneCore’s robust portfolio of artist services like YouTube Sound Recording Revenues, LANDR, TuneCore Fan Reviews, and Radio Airplay, as well as TuneCore’s world-class customer service will also be available to all customers. Additionally, French artists will have access to on-the-ground support and industry knowledge of music industry veteran Mathieu Rousselot, who will serve as the TuneCore Brand Manager for France.

“With our expanding international customer base coupled with the constantly evolving music industry, our goal is to continue to support our artists at the local level by giving them the resources and tools they need to be successful,” said Scott Ackerman, CEO at TuneCore. “France has a vibrant independent music community and our expansion into the French market is a natural fit in furthering our mission to bring more music to more people worldwide while continuing to establish TuneCore as a leader in the international digital music distribution market.”

New TuneCore French customers signing up for an account will pay 9,99 € to upload a single for distribution. Artists distributing an album will pay 29,99 € in the first year and 49,99 € each year thereafter. Artists may also pay a onetime fee of 9,00 € for YouTube Sound Recording Revenue collection service (YTSR) and 69,99 € for access to TuneCore Publishing Administration, which provides worldwide registration and royalty collection and placement opportunities in film, TV commercials, video games, and more. TuneCore artists always retain complete creative control and ownership of their music.

Through TuneCore’s strategic partnership with Believe Digital, TuneCore Artists have added visibility to Believe Recordings, Naïve or Musicast. The French Believe Digital office has 200 employees on the ground in Paris, covering label and international campaign management, trade and online digital marketing services, video management and distribution, synchronization and neighboring rights, physical distribution and more.

With the launch of TuneCore France, existing Zimbalam customers will have the opportunity to distribute new music through the TuneCore platform, as well as take advantage of TuneCore’s wide array of artist services.

TuneCore France is the sixth international expansion for the Brooklyn, N.Y-based service provider. The company expanded into the Germany market earlier this year, as well as both the UK and Australia markets in 2015, while TuneCore Japan and TuneCore Canada have been providing similar services for local customers since 2012 and 2011, respectively.


For any media enquiries, please contact:

Mathieu Rousselot, TuneCore

+33 (0)1 53 09 34 00

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Alisa Finkelstein, MWW PR


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About TuneCore

TuneCore is a music distribution and publishing administration service that provides thousands of independent artists with the tools to increase exposure and get their music heard by more people, all while maintaining ownership of their music and 100% of revenues. TuneCore brings more music to more people, while helping musicians and songwriters increase money-earning opportunities and take charge of their own careers. The company has one of the highest artist revenue-generating music catalogues in the world, earning TuneCore Artists 650 million € from over 36.5 billion downloads and streams since inception. TuneCore Music Distribution services help artists, labels and managers sell their music through iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play and other major download and streaming sites while retaining 100 percent of their sales revenue and rights for a low annual flat fee. TuneCore Music Publishing Administration assists songwriters by administering their compositions through licensing, registration, world-wide royalty collections, and placement opportunities in film, TV, commercials, video games and more. The TuneCore Artist Services portal offers a suite of tools and services that enable artists to promote their craft, connect with fans, and get their music heard. TuneCore, part of Believe Digital Services, operates as an independent company and is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY with offices in Burbank, CA, Nashville, TN and Austin, TX, and global expansions in the UK, Australia, Japan, Canada and Germany. For additional information about TuneCore, please visit www.tunecore.com or https://youtu.be/TSjGACrJyiY.

TuneCore Artist Testimonials

“Thanks to TuneCore, I have been able to get my music heard and reach thousands of new fans in France & worldwide, from the US to Japan!”

Cécile Corbel


“I’ve been working with TuneCore since 2009 – they take care of the distribution of my music on all digital stores. They’re really efficient and in a few minutes, my four albums were online everywhere. Thanks TuneCore!”

Dan Luiten


“I’ve been using TuneCore since 2005 to distribute my albums. I always recommend TuneCore to my friends.”

Uniform Motion


“After discovering and using the TuneCore US version for many years, I’m glad to see that TuneCore is launching a French website. TuneCore helped me to distribute my music and I strongly recommend this service to all Indie artists!”



“TuneCore is the most convenient and efficient service to collect revenues, and I was reimbursed the price of my subscription for the first month!”

The Algorithm


“As an independent artist since 2008, TuneCore gave me the opportunity to sell my music worldwide and has contributed significantly to my career development. TuneCore also collects my YouTube revenues. The simple, user-friendly interface to release a new album, as well as to follow sales and collect revenues, makes it the best partner for an independent artist. The TuneCore distribution network is constantly growing. I have used TuneCore for eight years and I highly recommend it to everyone.”

Daniel Masson


“TuneCore enabled us to cover all the digital stores and to aggregate four million streams of three tracks, even before the release of our album. This is why we remain faithful to TuneCore and will continue to work with them for our first album.”

Paerish Band

Indie Rock

“TuneCore is a great digital service for an independent artist who wants to get their music heard worldwide. It also enables an easy and quick monetization of videos. I have been working with TuneCore for many years and I have always been entirely satisfied with their services.”


Hip Hop

“TuneCore enabled me to easily distribute my music on a lot of digital stores. Thanks to TuneCore, I have been ranked #1 in the category ‘French Folk’ Amazon with my album “APartCaToutVaBien” and number #8 of the most downloaded Folk albums.”

Aude Henneville


“TuneCore has been the easiest and efficient way to see my music on all digital stores.”

Matt Marvane

French Pop


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