Announcing the Launch of Our NEW TuneCore Social Platform

October 10, 2016

Whether you’re an aspiring MC, a country star in the making, or a budding indie rocker, building a fan base that you can engage with is paramount. In 2016, platforms like Twitter and Facebook are no longer the exciting and undetermined tools of the future in regard to how artists and fans connect with each other – they’re the gold standards of social media marketing, and they’ve proven to work wonders for growing an artist’s fan base.

But when you’re juggling writing, rehearsing, recording, playing shows, as well as part-time and full-time jobs, it can be easy to blow off tweeting, posting on Facebook, or prepping your Soundcloud promotions. What was once a fun, personal way of connecting with your friends and family members can feel like a chore when you need to double your social media efforts as a band or artist.

That leads us to an exciting announcement: the official launch of TuneCore Social!

TuneCore Social is an all-in-one platform designed exclusively for TuneCore Artists who want to reign in control of their Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Mixcloud profiles and have an easier place to plan, schedule, publish and engage with their fan base – not to mention have a high level view of important analytics that can impact decision making.

This service is completely free for any and all TuneCore Artists with active distribution, and all you need to do to get started is activate it from your TuneCore account.

Good marketing habits have to start somewhere, right? When you use TuneCore Social, you’re eliminating a lot of the hassle associated with promoting across channels, giving you more time to focus on tasks like booking shows, writing, and releasing music.


And what about those artists who are a bit more seasoned when it comes to connecting with their loyal base of fans on Twitter and Facebook? Well, consider TuneCore Social to be another resource for tracking your new followers, play count, and engagement statistics all in one place. Getting busier? No worries – just schedule those posts in advance.

TuneCore Social is just another way we’re looking to make the lives and careers of independent artists easier. We’re always here to remind you how important getting the word out about your music is and provide valuable tips and advice for doing so, and now we’re giving you the social media management tools to take it one step further.


Are you a TuneCore Artist with an active distribution? Get started using TuneCore Social!