7 Facts About Pre-Orders

Pre-Orders on iTunes

You’re on the tail end of writing, composing, arranging and recording. Now is the perfect time to get the good word out that, “New music is coming!”

iTunes “pre-orders” do the trick. They help you start a buzz and promote your work, and creating them is easier than you think.

1. What’s a pre-order?

A pre-order is when you make your album, single or EP available for sale on iTunes before your official release date.

2. How do you tell your fans they can do an iTunes pre-order?

You can jump-start the buzz on your new music by sending your fans a link to iTunes where they’ll be able to pre-purchase your new release.

Or they’ll see it when they check your artist profile on either of these stores.

3. What do the fans get?

They’ll preview the names of tracks and cover artwork. If you designate “Track Previews,” they can listen to 90-second samples of different songs.

If you have “Instant Gratification Tracks” on iTunes, they can buy and download designated tracks instantly.

4. Does it pay to pre-order on iTunes?

Before your release date, you can start accruing money on your new music. And when you choose TuneCore as your distributor, you keep 100% of the revenue.

5. How does it affect iTunes chart position?

Pre-order sales count towards your iTunes chart position both during the pre-order period, as well as on your release date.

So driving fans to purchase your pre-order can help you rise on iTunes charts!

6. When should you set-up an iTunes pre-order?

Set up your pre-order as soon as you can—a minimum of two to three weeks before your release.

The longer the lead time, the better.

7. Can TuneCore help you set up an iTunes pre-order?

Sure. You can set up and purchase your pre-order directly in your TuneCore account as part of the upload process.

And, if you’re a TuneCore artist, we can answer your questions and coach you along the way.