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If you’ve written songs, they may have already earned you money.
Don’t leave royalties on the table by not taking action. Collect what’s yours with TuneCore Publishing.

What Is Music Publishing?

Music publishing is all about managing the royalties earned from the music you write.

When you write a song, and it’s used commercially, you’re owed royalties. That means your original songs generate revenue with every stream on Spotify, video creation on TikTok, view on YouTube, radio spin, or live performance worldwide.

That’s a lot to keep track of — Tunecore Publishing can help you get the royalties you’re owed.

Get Covered with TuneCore Publishing

TuneCore Publishing has direct memberships with pay sources for musicians worldwide. That means we get you paid faster than ever before.

  1. Keep 100% of Your Copyrights

    Collect your royalties without sacrificing ownership.

  2. Register Unlimited Songs Worldwide

    TuneCore Publishing collects from every paying territory, leaving no royalties on the table.

  3. Collect Royalties from Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Facebook & hundreds more

    Earn mechanical and performance royalties with each stream.

  4. Expert Support

    Navigate the music industry with experts by your side.

Collect All of Your Royalties

We work with thousands of pay sources worldwide to get you all the revenue you deserve. Spend more time making and releasing music, and let TuneCore collect your publishing royalties. TuneCore Publishing will collect:

  1. Streams on DSPs like Spotify and Apple Music

    Every stream on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, and others generates mechanical royalties.

  2. Broadcasts on TV, Radio, in Restaurants, Bars and More

    When your music is broadcast on radio, satellite radio, in bars, restaurants, concert venues, and more, it generates performance royalties – we help you collect them.

  3. YouTube and Social Media

    TikTok videos and YouTube uploads generate both a performance and mechanical reproduction royalty.

  4. Printed Music and Lyrics

    When your music or lyrics appear in sheet music or even appear online, your songs earn royalties – don't miss out on tons of global pay sources!

The Publishing Dashboard

We’ve upgraded our publishing dashboard to make maximizing your publishing earnings easier than ever.

  1. Seamless Song Management

    Connect your Spotify for Artists profile to register songs you’ve distributed. Seamlessly register all your distributed songs automatically Automatically register all your distributed songs.

  2. Advanced Analytics

    See how your songs are performing on various platforms and in each country.

  3. Collect All Your Royalties

    Access your publishing royalties and collect royalties for other songwriters you work with (See FAQ for further details).

  4. Quarterly Royalty Statements

    The information you need in a timely fashion – right at your fingertips.

TuneCore Sync

Get Your Music in TV, Movies, Games, & More

We Work with music supervisors every day — and TuneCore songwriters have been a part of every project you see below.

Sync Grid

Our Music Publishing Pricing

  1. $75

    One-time Setup Fee

    Submit unlimited songs.

  2. 15%


    Keep 85% of the royalties collected.

  3. 50%

    Sync Commission (if opted-in)

    Keep 50% of the revenue collected.

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