6 Ways to Increase Your Streams After the First Week

You put a massive amount of work into songwriting, recording, mixing, and mastering your music. Then finally, after months of effort and planning, you press the upload button and deliver your release to fans across the globe. It might seem like the work is done once you hit upload, but the challenge of how to get more streams will undoubtedly present itself after the first week is over. Make sure your music continues to perform well long after your release date- online and IRL.

Here are 6 ways to get more streams online and offline:

How to Boost Your Streams Online

1.Boost Your Social Media Presence

How many times per day are you posting new video content for fans? Reaching a wide audience online isn't only about what time of day you post content, but also how many times per day. It's recommended posting 1-4 times per day when growing a following. Your videos don't have to be carefully edited, but they do need to be authentic. Don't give users time to forget about your newest release, keep it on their radar and #FYP. Social media is the dominant player across the web today, but it's important to cover all of your bases.

2.Submit Your Music to Local Radio Stations

Video may have killed the radio star, but there are still loyal fans to be found through the airwaves. Usually when artists submit to radio stations, they have to create an EPK (Electronic Press Kit), write a music press release, or send a one-sheet including several of their best tracks. radio airplay takes the hassle away from the submission process. Plus, when TuneCore artists sign up for radio airplay, they automatically receive 100 free plays.

3.Pitch Your Release to Music Blogs

Music blogs provide the platform for indie artists to be recognized for their work, and offer fans a chance to discover and connect more deeply to their latest find or all-time-favorite musicians. From an insider perspective, blogs also give crucial insights for up and coming musicians who are looking for a way to break through the static. Submithub allows you to easily send your music to leading blog curators and get expert insights about your music straight to you. When you promote and pitch your release on SubmitHub, you have the opportunity to reach some of the most influential music curators from around the globe. Plus, TuneCore artists get 20% of their first order by clicking here.

How to Boost Your Streams Offline

1.Perform Live Shows & Go On Tour

Live shows are back in full swing, and fans are ready to get up close and personal. Give your listeners a reason to stream your latest release on repeat before seeing you perform it live. Create a buzz around your latest release by combining it with a special live performance. When you promote live shows in collaboration with your releases, you galvanize local fans to listen by giving them an event to look forward to- and you make fans feel seen and appreciated. Plus, when you perform live you have the chance to sell merch. More fans, more visibility, more streams.

2.Pitch Your Music for TV & Film

Some of the most iconic music of all time came from use in TV and film, transforming the careers of unknown artists into household names. In the past, only labeled musicians had a shot at securing placements in hit shows and movies. Now, TuneCore Publishing makes sure your registered compositions are front-and-center for every new licensing opportunity. Our Publishing team works globally to pitch your music for placements in film, TV, commercials, and video games. Sign up and register your music now and your release could be in the title sequence of next year's biggest show.

3.Sell Physical Copies of Your Music

Jewel cases and CD wallets are vestiges of a past era in music, but Gen Z listeners are participating in a cultural renaissance for physical copies of their favorite releases. TuneCore CD duplication has a wide variety of options to test out your fans' desire to grab a physical copy of your latest release. If the smaller silver disks aren't quite your style, Qrates is the premier online service for musicians to press their own vinyls. Give your fans something they can hold onto forever. Use the promo code TUNECORE05 for 5% off your first vinyl project on Qrates. Once you have your CDs and vinyls, be sure to take it to the streets and connect with fans in real life. Papoose started out by selling mixtapes in Brooklyn, now he's hip-hop royalty.

So What?

The key to growing your indie music career is to keep creating and distributing new music; bring

fans into your process and see what works & what doesn't. When your streams are down, there are insightful, actionable measures you can take to reinvigorate your audience. Get creative, follow the 6 steps above, and make sure your music continues to perform well long after your release date.

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