How to Distribute & Promote Your Music on Beatport

Beatport is the premier electronic music marketplace, with DJs across the globe converting to streaming services to source their music. With live music making a huge global comeback, here's everything you need to know to distribute and promote your music on Beatport. Make your next single the DJ track of the season

What is Beatport?

Launched in 2005, Beatport offers the world's most extensive catalog of electronic music with the latest tracks from the biggest DJs and electronic music artists. DJs use Beatport to source the latest dance tracks for use in their mixes and live performances.

DJs and electronic music lovers can stream tracks from Beatport directly into their software. Beatport also allows users to securely save tracks offline for playback without an internet connection.

Whenever your track is streamed or downloaded on Beatport, you get 100% of the revenue with TuneCore.

Which DJ Software Works with Beatport?

These DJ software systems are currently compatible with Beatport:

  • Serato DJ Lite / Serato DJ Pro

  • rekordbox (performance mode only)

  • Traktor DJ PRO 3.5

  • VirtualDJ

  • Algoriddim DJay / DJay PRO

  • WeDJ (Beatport only)

  • Engine DJ OS

  • Hercules DJUCED

  • Tribe XR

Beatport currently supports the following audio file formats:

  • .wav

  • .aiff

  • .flac

As long as you follow TuneCore audio file requirements, you'll have no problem uploading your tracks to Beatport.

What is Beatport Streaming?

Beatport Streaming is perfect for DJs who want to play the latest tracks at their live shows, especially new tracks that may not be available on other platforms.

Subscribers can play tracks from their existing collection and purchase any tracks they want to keep for offline use. In addition, they can use the features provided by their software and hardware setups.

Beatport Streaming also features curated playlists and user access to the top-100 selling tracks of any of their 33+ genres, including techno, tech house, and house music.

How to Get Your Music on Beatport DJ Charts

Beatport DJ Charts is your opportunity to get in front of the largest audience of dance music fans with your own URL and custom page. Promote yourself by creating Beatport DJ Charts, posting gigs, and sharing your various artist accounts & profiles, including Soundcloud and YouTube.

In order to create a DJ Chart, you must have music being sold on a Beatport profile. Then, you can create a DJ Chart via your DJ profile.
If you're creating an account for the first time, you'll be required to set up a new profile.

What are Beatport's Additional Features?

Beatport offers a range of exclusive content, including interviews, DJ sets, and podcasts. It also has a comprehensive range of genres, from techno and house to drum & bass and trance.

Your next single could be the DJ track of the season. Distribute your music to Beatport today for 1299/year, billed annually.

Feeling overwhelmed? Check out our Beatport FAQ here