Gadgets We Like: CrowdStream

March 15, 2012

CrowdStream™ makes it easy for fans to connect with their favorite artists at live shows. When you use the mobile app to “check-in” at concerts, you can access photos, messages, and videos from the artists playing.  While you’re enjoying the show you can connect with other concertgoers by sharing photos and comments in real time. If you want to share the experience with friends who couldn’t make it, just connect the app to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  And if YOU can’t make the concert, no big deal!  You can still check-in at the show and access the stream.

Wondering what shows are coming up near you?  You can use the app to find out and buy tickets, and click on the “Crowd” section to get alerts on new releases and promotions. Join artists like Guns N’ Roses, Neon Trees, Motley Crue, Chevelle, Bush, The Wanted, Smashing Pumpkins, J. Cole, and Duran Duran who are already using CrowdStream.

Email [email protected] to set up an artist account and get more out of concerts!

Download the free app from iTunes

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