Gadgets We Like: Fanzy, The Facebook App That Rewards Fans For Promoting Your Band

March 29, 2012

Fanzy, a growing Facebook app, encourages fans to spread the word about brands, by rewarding them when they promote.  This app can be used by any kind of brand, TV show, film, or sports team, but we think it’s a particularly useful tool for artists, since it helps them promote their music while growing and giving back to their fan base. The app is centered around promotions and rewards for those promotions. In order to receive awards, fans unlock badges when they complete certain promotional opportunities, determined by the brand.  Examples of promotions might be sharing a band’s new video, tweeting about a new album, or inviting other people to become fans. The more the fans promote, the more points they rack up, and the more they’re rewarded. It’s up to the brand to come up with the rewards.

So bands, check out Fanzy to see if it’s a good fit in expanding your social media reach and connecting with (and giving back to) your fans!

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