††† (Crosses) Talks Lollapalooza Chile, Their Latest EP, And Releasing Music For Free

April 12, 2012

††† (Crosses) just got back from South America where they played Lollapalooza Chile. The band, composed of Deftones singer Chino Moreno, Far guitarist Shaun Lopez, and Chuck Doom (Scott Chuck), released their second EP, EP ††, in late January and is dropping hints that there may already be some tracks in the works for a third EP. Read on as we talk with Crosses about the origin of their name, why they chose to release their first EP as a free download, and more.

Without using any “conventional” genre terms, describe your sound.
Shaun Lopez: Dirty. Pretty. Dark.

How did the band come about?

Shaun Lopez: I met Chuck a few years ago when he got introduced to me by a friend. At the time Chuck was looking for a studio/producer to track some vocals on another project he had. That project never panned out, but Chuck and I hit it off and began writing together. Chino started hearing some tracks we had made and expressed interest in singing on it. As time went on, he sang on more and more tracks…

You released your second EP, EP †† the beginning of this year. What drove the creation of this release?

Chuck Doom: Most of Ep 1,2, and 3 were recorded over the same time frame,so basically it was about choosing the songs and finishing up some last details and mixing.

How has your sound evolved since your first EP?
Shaun Lopez:  With the exception of “Prurient,” all of the songs on EP2 were written and recorded at around the same time…we don’t really set boundaries in Crosses.

Why did you decide to release your first EP for free?
Shaun Lopez: We figured it would be a great way for the first EP to spread naturally, since we had no interest in giving it a big push. As a huge music fan myself, I know I love the idea of finding something on my own, without its being shoved down my throat. I’ve been obsessed with Spotify lately and nothing is better than finding new music or someone sending you a great playlist.

I’ve got to ask about your band name. Does religion play a large role in your music?
Shaun Lopez:  I just liked how the name sounded and the visual of three crosses. I wouldn’t say the music is spiritual on purpose, but I do believe that is up to the listener. I know music can save, heal, and make people really happy. That could be considered a spiritual thing for sure…

I see you’re headed back from South America from playing Lollapalooza Chile. Did you already have a significant fan base there? How was it?
Chuck Doom: South America was fantastic, it was my first trip there and it could not have been a more positive experience.

What’s your live show like?
Chuck Doom: The live show is really fun we have good friends and great players with us,I love to play so it is a real treat to do these songs live—I think if anything the songs are a bit heavier.

What can we look forward to next?
Chuck Doom: Hopefully more music in the near future.

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