Gadgets We Like: StagePage Lets You Create A Virtual Collage From Your Concert Experiences

May 10, 2012

Ever wish you had saved old concert tickets, photos and programs?  Or do you have a shoebox packed with unorganized memorabilia from shows you’ve attended but no real way to display them? StagePage, the iPhone app from Alexcel, lets you take all the pieces from your concert experiences and from them create a virtual collage or “memory page.”

Using the app’s provided templates, you can easily create a StagePage for any and all shows you want you document.  All you need to do is snap some photos of the items you want to put on your page—ticket stubs, marquees, programs, videos, etc.  The rest is pretty simple: upload your photos and videos, crop and edit them using the easy editing tool, add any text you want to include (set lists, concert details, names of your fellow concert attendees, your own observations),  and choose a background image for the page.  Now you’ve got a complete StagePage and you can use the built-in email, Facebook, and Twitter connectivity to share it with friends.

In order to keep all your concert mementos together, you just need a phone, and the free StagePage app, of course.

*StagePage is compatible on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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