The Neighbourhood Talks Debut EP, Anonymity & Blog Support

May 24, 2012

The Neighbourhood just released their debut EP I’m Sorry…,” though fans have been playing several of the songs on repeat before the EP hit stores.  The L.A. based band has maintained an impressive level of anonymity, letting their much-anticipated songs do the talking.  Read on as The Neighbourhood discusses the reason for their air of mystery, the role blog support has played in promoting their music, and why they chose to give away their music for free download before releasing the EP.

Without using any “conventional” genre words, describe your sound.
We like to consider ourselves ‘Black & White.’ Not only because we choose to do all of our art and photos and video in b&w but because it really describes our sound. It’s very straight up. No time for dishonesty. No grey zone.

Your highly-anticipated debut release, I’m Sorry… , hit stores on May 7th.  What’s the origin of the EP’s title?
Words are so over used. They really don’t mean much anymore. One statement that has really been overused and is essentially meaningless now is saying “I’m sorry.” You’ll see this theme continue as our career furthers. The next project will definitely be another over used statement.

What made you decide to offer the EP for free download on your site?

None of us ever buy music, so we wanted to give people the option to download for free without having to search for a ripped download. Everyone should be able to listen to what we are doing, especially this early on.

You haven’t revealed much at all about the band members. What is the goal of the anonymity?

We tell how much is necessary for the moment. This isn’t our only moment, so more will be revealed with every move we make. The whole plan at the beginning was to not attach our faces and personal styles and what not so the music could really shine on its own. That plan worked really well so i guess ‘less is more’ is our motto now.

Are you planning to reveal more about the band to your fans down the road?

Definitely. Just going with the flow for now. We’re a new band. There’s no way people want to know every detail of our lives this early on. The music and visuals will do the revealing for now.

You’ve had great promotional support from blogs. Have you been actively marketing/promoting your EP in other ways?
Not really actually. We’ve been privileged enough to have all the blogs really pick up on the movement. Couldn’t be happier about that. That’s our world so to see the internet reacting in such a positive way towards us is incredible. The relationships we’ve made with websites and blogs already are so great to have and will definitely be used throughout our career.

How do you connect with your fans?
Like, literally? Through our social networks. But through our music? It’s no bullshit music. All the songs move the way a human being does. At least how the type of human beings we as band members are. Like I said before, it’s black & white. I feel like a lot of real people like our music because you can hear the truth within the songs.

So many people have discovered your music through blogs. Do you use blogs to discover music from other artists?

Is there any other way nowadays? Blogs run the music industry now and there is no getting around it. If anybody is turning on FM radio to discover something truly NEW they are going to the wrong place.

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