Amazon MP3 & Spotify Trend Reports Now Available for TuneCore Artists

September 26, 2013

Last spring we introduced enhanced Daily iTunes Trend Reports.  As the name indicates, the new reports were updated daily (instead of weekly) and data could be viewed in dynamic graph form.  Well, we’re back with something even better.

Now, in addition to showing you your iTunes trend data in your TuneCore account, we’re giving you your trend reports from Amazon MP3 and Spotify.   Awesome, right?

This means you now have even more insight into how your music’s selling and streaming in digital stores, and you can turn that knowledge into better business decisions (at no extra cost!).

We’re proud to say that we’re the only music distributor to provide all artists with sales data from iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Spotify, accessed directly from their accounts through our web-based interface.

So let’s take a look at these new Daily Trend Reports…

A Look at What’s Changed

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When you go to your Daily Trend Reports in your account (click Money & Reports at the top right), you’ll see that there are now two sections: Downloads on top, Streams on the bottom. The Downloads section will show you all of your trend data for iTunes and Amazon MP3, and you’ll find your Spotify info under Streams.

In both sections, you’ll see a visual representation of your available trend data, which lets you easily get a sense of your sales activity for the date range you choose.

To dig down a little further, you can sort downloads and streams in all three stores by Top Releases, Top Songs, and Top Countries, and for iTunes you can also see your sales by Top US Markets.  When you click to view a particular release or song, the bar graph will automatically change to reflect the associated downloads or streams.

No matter how you filter your trend data, you can download a .csv file to capture and save the information you need.

*Remember, this is TRENDING data, and not an actual sales report.  The money from your distribution sales and streams comes into your account two months after the sale occurred (you can see this in your Downloadable Sales Reports under the Money & Reports tab in your account).

So now that you have all this new sales information at your fingertips, how can you use it to advance your career?

We’ve got a few ideas…

5 Ways to Use Your Trend Data to Help Your Career

1. If you planned a major social media campaign for your brand new album, see how that paid off compared to sales following previous new release campaigns.  Learn what worked, and what didn’t.

2. Let this new sales data help you plan your upcoming tours.  If your iTunes numbers are showing you have a solid following in the New Haven – Milford, CT area, make sure your next US tour includes a show at one of the clubs nearby, or try for the college crowd at Yale.  Booking an international tour? Check out your trend data from iTunes, Amazon  MP3 and Spotify to identify which countries are really eating up your music.

3. Once your shows are booked, look to see which songs are selling best in the cities and countries you’re headed to, and design a setlist your audience is sure to love.

4. If radio play is what you’re after, use your impressive new release stats to approach radio programmers and DJs with confidence.  Now you’ve got hard data to show where your fans are located and how your music is being received.

5. More sales data means more visibility into how your career is progressing. Use the numbers to better manage your budget and identify where to exert the majority of your efforts.

Got more ideas about how you can use this new and enhanced trend data to better manage your career? Let us know in the comments.

Get started distributing your next release and use your enhanced Daily Trend Reports to help take your career to the next level.