Free* Unlimited Distribution on Facebook & Instagram

TuneCore has joined forces with Facebook to launch the new Facebook Independent Artist Program. This program will give TuneCore artists more opportunity to reach more listeners globally.

As a Facebook Preferred Partner, TuneCore artists can now distribute your songs for free* on Facebook and Instagram products like Stories, Reels, and everywhere else Facebook offers a music library.

Here's How it Works

Every music creator can use TuneCore to distribute their songs for free* to Facebook, Instagram Stories and Reels.

  1. 1

    Create a TuneCore Account

    If you already have a TuneCore account you're one step ahead!

  2. 2

    Upload Your Music

    In just a few easy clicks, upload your songs to TuneCore. You can leave the rest to us.

  3. 3

    We Send Your Music to Facebook

    TuneCore will partner with Facebook to get your music added to all their products, including Stories, Reels, and everywhere else Facebook and Instagram offer a music library.

  4. 4

    You Get Paid

    Every time your music is included in user-generated content across Facebook apps and services, you'll earn money.

We are excited to announce that we are expanding our partnership with Facebook to offer artists more opportunities to connect with fans around the world. We have always shared the goal to help connect people who love music with the people who create it. Together, we'll empower artists to find their fans while giving social creators the music to power their stories.

Get Paid to Distribute Your Music For Free

By joining the Facebook Independent Artist Program, you'll get paid every time your music is included in user-generated content across Facebook apps and services. Millions of users on Facebook and Instagram will have access to use your music in the content they create and share across the largest social networks in the world.


  1. Free*

    No Cost to Sign-Up

    Adding your music to Facebook is 100% free* , forever. 

  2. Free*

    Distribute Unlimited Songs

    No hidden fees. You'll never be charged to upload more music. 

  3. 80%

    Revenue from Facebook

    Keep 80% of the revenue.

*free sign up, free delivery