Register Your Compositions Faster for Songwriter Royalty Collection

October 29, 2013

The process of composition registration and royalty collection involves multiple steps and coordination between the songwriter, publishing administrator, digital music stores and local collection societies in over 60 countries.  With all of this happening, it can be difficult for songwriters to know exactly where they are in the process and if there’s anything they need to do to speed things along.

Luckily, this process just got a whole lot easier for songwriters. We’ve launched a new, web-based portal within our Publishing Administration service that will give you ultimate transparency into the composition registration process: Composition Manager.  Through the tool you can see and resolve any registration issues like missing splits or disputes, which expedites our ability to collect your songwriter royalties.

So what does this mean for you?

If you’re a TuneCore Music Publishing Administration customer anywhere in the world, you can now submit all of your splits on one page in your account, plus check on the status of your compositions.  Each composition in your TuneCore account (both those you’ve distributed and those you haven’t finished yet), will have a status next to them so you can always see exactly where that composition is in the registration process (status definitions below).

You’ll also be able to see if we need more information from you to complete the process.  For example, we’ll highlight if there’s a split missing from one of your compositions, or if there’s a dispute to resolve.

And just a note about submitting your splits: You can now easily submit your splits for multiple compositions at the same time which makes the process even speedier.

There’s a lot to see on the page so we put together a snapshot to better explain.

(Click on the image to view a larger version)


As you can see, Composition Manager lets you identify which compositions require actions on your part before we can register them, which are currently in the registration process, and which of your compositions aren’t administered (“Not Administered” means you either didn’t write the composition, or you don’t control any percentage of it).

What’s your status?

There are a variety of different states your composition can be in, and you’ll be able to see this right from your account.  Here are the possible statuses and what they mean:

These require an action on your part (they’re color-coded):

Dispute – A dispute has been reported for your composition. (Don’t worry, we’ll help!)

Splits missing: You haven’t told us your writer share for the composition.

Not distributed yet: You need to distribute the release before we can register your composition.

No need to do anything if you see the following:

Splits submitted: We are preparing your compositions for registration with PROs, societies, and digital stores worldwide.

Sent for Registration: We’ve sent your composition information to PROs, collection societies, and digital stores worldwide, and we’re now waiting for confirmation of your registration.

Registered: Hooray! We’ve successfully registered your composition with PROs, collection societies, and digital stores worldwide. Your compositions are registered and you’re now eligible to collect songwriter royalties.

Start using Composition Manager!

Tired of reading this post and ready to get started collecting your songwriter royalties? Sign up for TuneCore Music Publishing Administration and submit your splits so we can start the royalty collection process.

Just remember, you can only use the new tool to submit splits for compositions that were distributed through TuneCore.  If you have compositions to add that weren’t distributed through TuneCore, that’s no problem.  Just click here for more info.