TuneCore is Now Distributing to TikTok

October 30, 2019

Good news, TuneCore Artists – we’re officially partnered with and distributing music to TikTok, one of the most downloaded apps across the globe!

The leading platform for short-form mobile content, TikTok lets its users shoot 15-second videos with background music that helps set the scene. Scrollable in a feed, creators have the ability to entertain and be seen by hundreds of millions of viewers.

Now TuneCore Artists and their fans can get in on the fun: by distributing your releases to TikTok, you’ll be adding songs to their diverse library for users to include in their videos as background music. On top of that, TikTok also features a “Sound Selection” page within the app that includes discovery features like genre playlists. Features like “Hashtag Challenges” encourage users to get creative with music and engage with trending topics.

While it started out as a fun way for music fans to share quick moments of performances and funny content with friends, TikTok has no doubt taken off in its ability to launch the careers of new artists. Creators upload original content and grow their own following on the app, and that means artists can use it to find fans just like they would on any other social media channel. Success stories include Lil Nas X, Supa Dupa Humble, Sueco the Child, Absofacto and Mxmtoon – all of these artists built a following and gained visibility and popularity on TikTok!

“TuneCore is excited that our artists can now get their music into TikTok. This innovative platform has become an important destination for crowdsourced music discovery, ” said Scott Ackerman, CEO of TuneCore. “Through this partnership, TuneCore artists can now have their music discovered, promoted and showcased by hundreds of millions of listeners across TikTok, enabling them to reach new audiences, expand their fan bases and collect the money they have earned from their music on this growing platform.”

Just like utilizing Facebook Music to make your songs available to fans who wish to use them in original content across Facebook and Instagram, TikTok provides another avenue to let your fans promote and showcase your music. When you distribute to TikTok, you’ll be giving millions of users permission to stream your music in their short-form videos, and TuneCore will collect revenue quarterly based on usage.

If you’re already distributing with TuneCore, head over to your Store Manager to send your releases to TikTok. If you haven’t begun selling your music online, you can sign up for TuneCore free today.

To learn more about TikTok, click here.

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