Distribute Your Music from Session Studio via TuneCore

Session Studio gives you one shared place to upload audio, voice memos, and collaborate on lyrics– where multiple creators can edit in real-time– across mobile, web, and desktop.

Session Studio: The Must-Have Collaboration App for Music Creators to Distribute via TuneCore

Discover Session Studio, the essential collaborative platform for music creators from production to release. Effortlessly foster collaboration, streamline song credit management, and facilitate distribution. Get started FREE today!

Why Use Session Studio for Music Distribution via TuneCore?

  • Distribute directly from Session Studio to all Digital Stores and Social Platforms– seamless integration with TuneCore's distribution services.

  • Control your music production from start to finish– improved efficiency for artists throughout the production process.

  • Simplify how you collab – share audio ideas, lyrics & songs with other artists across Session Studio.

  • Get fairly credited– Session Studio assures you’ll get fairly credited and accurately.

How to Distribute Your Music from Session Studio Via TuneCore?

By taking advantage of Session Studio’s QR scan feature, creators can scan track details, share them with all collaborators, and then submit the complete metadata to TuneCore for distribution.

What is Session Studio, and how does it work with TuneCore?

Session Studio is the #1 free mobile, desktop & web app for music creators to collaborate, organize song credits & royalty splits, and share releases across the most popular Digital Stores and Social Platforms via TuneCore.

Do I need an existing TuneCore account to use Session Studio for music distribution?

No, having an existing TuneCore account is not required to harness the power of Session Studio. From Session Studio, you can create a new TuneCore account or link your existing one, then authorize user access with ease.

Can I distribute my music to multiple platforms through TuneCore via Session Studio?

When using Session Studio, you have the power to distribute your music worldwide to over 150 Digital Stores and Social Platforms via TuneCore.

How do I ensure fair credit and accurate royalty payments when using Session Studio and TuneCore?

Utilizing Session Studio to upload and distribute your music via TuneCore will not impact the TuneCore royalty collection process.

Typically, stores report their sales to TuneCore with a two-month delay, which means if a sale of your music occurred in January, you can expect to receive both the earnings and sales reports in March.

Can I maintain control over my music even after distribution through TuneCore and Session Studio?

When distributing music from Session Studio via TuneCore, you will always maintain 100% control over your music. Your music, your way. Always.

How long does it typically take for music to be distributed to digital platforms through TuneCore via Session Studio?

At TuneCore, we want your music to get heard by fans as quickly as possible. After you upload your music from Session Studio via TuneCore, our dedicated Content Review team will typically approve it within one day. Subsequently, you can anticipate your songs going live across selected Digital Stores and Social Platforms in as little as five business days.