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Gain critical insight into what fans think of your music.

Feedback is Important

In order to grow your career, you want to make sure that your sound is evolving along with your fan base. Submit your song for review and get unique feedback from real listeners.

Features & Benefits

  • Get up to 225 fan reviews & comments

  • See your music measured against hundreds of major label tracks

  • Track & Passion ratings to measure the likeability of your song

  • Song element analysis using advanced sentiment analysis technology

  • Interactive reviews and data, available online or for PDF download

Packages & Pricing

  1. Starter

    40 Fan Reviews

    4 Data Points, $19.99 per song

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    100 Fan Reviews

    10 Data Points, $52.99 per song

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  3. Pro

    225 Fan Reviews

    16 Data Points, $150.99 per song

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