Promote your music to blogs, radio stations, record labels, & Spotify playlisters. Get listened to, receive coverage, & get guaranteed feedback.

Your Music. Streaming. Guaranteed.

Launched in 2018, Groover connects emerging artists with the best media outlets, radio stations, independent playlisters, and record labels. Groover guarantees your music gets listened to, receives constructive feedback and, quite often, gains coverage.

  • A community of 100k+ artists & representatives

  • More than 1.5M pieces of feedback given by over 3,000 music curators & professionals to date

  • A global team located in Paris, New York, London, & Rio

  • Brand ambassadors working to build a community of music curators, and developing localized content in the US, France, UK, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Australia, Latin America, Switzerland, + more

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