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Get more fans & boost your streams with industry-leading marketing & advertising tools. gets artists guaranteed Sponsored Streams* on popular stores like Deezer & Audiomack. TuneCore artists get $10 towards an ad campaign + 50% off your first year with any annual marketing plan.

What is

With so many tools for musicians to keep track of, it's a reasonable question.

So here’s what is: a marketing service that helps artists increase streams of their songs. It's done so for the bands on Dead Oceans. It's done so for Diplo's Mad Descent label.

And, with this special signup offer, TuneCore artists can put $10 towards an ad campaign on us. If that wasn't enough, they also save 50% off their first year with any annual marketing plan.

It's time to broaden your audience and get your streaming numbers up with and TuneCore.

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Boost Streams

Set up your track as a sponsored song that gets streamed* to active listeners who like your style of music on Deezer and Audiomack.

Get Added to Playlists

Listeners will interact with your sponsored stream just like any other song - including adding it to playlists, saving it, and following you on the platform.

Reach More Fans

Get heard by fans where they're already looking for new music like yours.

How to set up pre-save music links with TuneCore and

TuneCore and make getting a pre-save link on Spotify as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Go to's "Smart Links / Pre-Save" tab

  2. Select "Pre-Release / Pre-Save" (it's the first option you'll see)

  3. Fill in all the key release information

  4. Add the "Default Link" and "Post Pre-Save Destination"

The "default link" is the URL where the music will be live and can be added if you have it in advance. The "post-pre-save destination" is the site you want fans to go to once they've pre-saved your music.
There's also the "Spotify Multiple Follows" tab. That lets you prompt listeners to check out up to three additional artists, users, or playlist profiles once they've pre-saved your record. Maybe it's a band you're playing a show with or the inspiration behind your latest single. Regardless: get creative!

How to get a pre-save link for Apple Music

If you’re wondering how to get an Apple Music pre-save link with TuneCore and, great news – it’s the same way you generate one for Spotify.

You’ll head to's "Smart Links / Pre-Save" tab, select "Pre-Release / Pre-Save" again, and fill in all the key info, default links, and post-pre-save destinations for Apple instead of Spotify.

How to create a pre-save link on Deezer

Creating a pre-save link on Deezer follows the same steps as creating a pre-save link for Apple Music.

If you still need more info, feel free to click this link and access a short tutorial video.

How to promote your music on Audiomack with Feature.Fm and TuneCore

Great minds think alike: Tunecore distributes to Audiomack, and, with your subscription, you can create a campaign to promote your music on Audiomack as well.


  • Enter the campaign tab

  • Click the pink plus sign to begin a new ad campaign

  • Select “Audiomack sponsored song”

Fill in all necessary details, then will do the rest.

Other Marketing Tools to Promote Your Music

Landing Pages & Bio Links

Build Artist Bio Links, Pre-Saves, & customized landing pages to promote your release and capture fan emails to increase your marketing reach.

Audience Management

Collect fan contact info and listening data for insights on how users interact with your music.

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*Sponsored streams are considered advertising and do not generate royalties.
Streams generated through the non-interactive, radio-style portion of Deezer are reported via SoundExchange and not directly through TuneCore.