Track Your Release Status with Our TuneCore Release Tracker

You pour your blood, sweat, and tears into writing and recording a song. You upload it to streaming services. You wait for it to appear online with little to no feedback…until now.

Introducing TuneCore Release Tracker – the most convenient and comprehensive way to follow your next release through every step of the distribution process.

Here’s how it works.

What Is TuneCore’s Release Tracker?

TuneCore Release Tracker is a simple and vibrant way to observe your music as it travels from initial upload to being live online. You can see your songs' exact stage, giving you peace of mind and the opportunity to make any necessary changes that our expert review team suggests.

Musicians deserve transparency about every facet of the music industry – this is our way of demystifying one of its most common components.

A Step-by-Step How to Access the Release Tracker

You can access the Release Tracker from three separate locations on your TuneCore dashboard:

  • The “Your Releases” section of the dashboard

  • The discography page

  • The album/single details page

Simply log in and go to any of these sections to find it.

Tailored for You: Who Can Benefit from TuneCore’s Release Tracker

Artists on our Rising, Breakout, or Professional plans, you have access to TuneCore Release Tracker. If you’re uploading music to digital stores and streaming platforms through us, you deserve access to this feature.

Are you on our new artist plan and looking to start sending your music to digital stores and streaming platforms worldwide while using Release Tracker? You can always upgrade here!

Tracker’s Statuses: What Each Phase Means

There are four key stages to Release Tracker – let’s go over them in detail.


Your music is uploaded to TuneCore and in the queue for our expert team to review.


Our team reviews your music to ensure it passes the quality and content standards check of any streaming platform or music store you’re sending it to.

  • Needs Action: The Release Tracker status that says “ProcessingIn Review” will update to “Needs Action” – this means TuneCore needs you to modify the upload for it to match the quality and content standards check (don’t worry – we’ll let you know what that is!)

  • Denied: Unfortunately, your music is “denied” and cannot be released. The Release Tracker won’t provide the “why,” but it will share a link to contact Support and learn more.

Sent to Stores

Congratulations! Your music passed review and is en route to your chosen streaming platforms and music stores.


Your music is live and ready to be shared with family, friends, and fans worldwide.

Share Your Music Once It’s Live!

This is the fun part. Release Tracker includes a customizable asset to share your song and release announcements on social media. It always contains:

  • The TuneCore logo

  • Album artwork

  • Song Name

  • Artist name

  • Your release’s status (i.e., “Live”)

Want to get even fancier? Add a moving background or audio snippet to your announcement. It’s easy to do so and happens right through Release Tracker.

Start Releasing Your Music Today

Release Tracker makes uploading music to streaming platforms and stores more transparent. It also makes it more joyous to share that music with the fans you’re trying to reach. That’s a win-win.

So why wait? Sign up for or upgrade to our Rising, Breakout, or Professional Artist plans to start using Release Tracker today.

It’s what you and your music deserve.