Hot off the heels of the launch of TuneCore Social, it’s an exciting day around here. But of course, we want to keep the momentum going and avoid falling into one of those sleepy mid-week hazes that seems to arise between the hours for 1-5pm every. Single. Wednesday. So as always, we’re showing off a bunch of awesome TuneCore Artist music videos! Enjoy:

Chloe Caroline, “Ready To Come Home”

Sy Ari Da Kid, “Wait For Me”

Savoy Motel, “Sorry People”

Trails and Ways, “My Things”

Layce305, “Checkmate”

Lara Landon, “There is Grace”

Tasha the Amazon, “Picasso Leaning”

Yung Simmie, “Dead Beat”

Samora Pinderhughes, “The Transformation Suite”


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