Happy Wednesday! We’re back to serve up another round of TuneCore Artist music videos. We’re also celebrating some random music history. Today’s lookback goes to the almighty Sex Pistols, who on this day back in 1976 signed a $68K record deal with EMI…only to be thrown on the chopping block a cool three months later! The powerful label said they wouldn’t be able to promote the band because of the unpopular (but hilarious) PR antics the punk group got into in the quarter following the signing. We all know how that turned out. Power to the artists, and power to innovative music making!

Kat Cunning, “For the Love”

DAE, “Where We’re Going”

JMeel, “Bad Habit”

Kameron Marlowe, “Giving You Up”

Gabriel Kelley, “Lighter Shades of Blue”

Kyshona Armstrong, “Same Blood”

Joel Levi, “Middle of Everywhere”

De Joie, “Paris”

Brooke Annibale, “Hold To The Light”



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