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Happy Wednesday once again, friends! Coming at you with another round up of TuneCore Artist music videos and celebrating random happenings in music history. This week we’re giving a Happy Birthday nod to proto-punker/glam-god/New York Legend/doll, Mr. David Johansen! So get on out there and get yourself a personality crisis – right after you enjoy these wonderful music videos, of course.

Jetty Rae, “Kerosene”

Lowland Hum, “Vedauwoo”

The Rocketboys, “I Will Call You Home”

Stephen Rubinosky, “Alone Tonight”


JJ Heller, “Big Love, Small Moments”

BELLSAINT, “Auld Lang Syne”

Walker Montgomery, “Just Say When”

TYLERxCORDY, “Aqua Blue Honda”

Mary Bragg, “Fixed”


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