The New TuneCore Charts by Jeff Price

Today TuneCore launched two TuneCore charts

The TuneCore Top 20 Artist Chart

The TuneCore Top 20 Songs Chart

The charts are compiled from the iTunes daily trend reports. As we get more daily sales information from additional stores, we will include these sales numbers in the charts.

The TuneCore Top 20 Artist Chart adds together the number of albums, ringtones and singles sold to come up with the ranking

The TuneCore Top 20 Song Chart lists the best selling individual songs.

These charts will be updated weekly

In addition, over the next few weeks we will be adding additional features to the charts – for example, on the Top 20 Artist Chart, when the Artist name is clicked on it will show the titles and release date of each album, single or ringtone. When the release title is clicked on, it will provide a track listing. Next to each release title will be a link to buy at iTunes

With the launch of these charts, I also wanted to provide the world a perspective on the legitimacy and importance of TuneCore Artists (and by extension all Artists). There is more music selling by more artists now than at any time in history. Music sales by unit are up, not down (RIAA, IFPI and Nielsen data also state this)

Many TuneCore Artists are outselling and/or are making more money than “signed” Artists. This is a testament to their music. When you add access to digital stores and media outlets (like YouTube) and combine it with social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook and mass communication social networking technologies like Twitter, Artists can, and are, selling hundreds of thousands, and in some cases, millions, of songs across their catalog of work.

Here is some hard data just from TuneCore Artists

In 2009, TuneCore Artists were paid for the download or stream of over 65 million songs and albums over all stores TuneCore works with generating over $35 million in gross music sales

    From these 65 million units, TuneCore Artists sold:
  • 26,230,308 songs, or about 40% all sales
  • 1,470,502 albums, or about 2.3% of all sales
  • 37,475,907 streams, or about 57% of all sales

By Genre, Rock was king for paid album downloads selling 16% of all digital album sales, followed by Alternative (13.5%) and then HipHop (12.2%)

(click to enlarge)

Rock dominated even more for paid song downloads selling 23% of all digital song sales, followed by Alternative (18%) and then Pop (12.5%)

(click to enlarge)

However, 23% of all paid streams were HipHop followed by Alternative (13%) and then Rock (12%)

(click to enlarge)

We also began collecting detailed information in a new way starting November 1st, 2009 and compiled some results through the end of April, 2010

From November 1st, 2009 to April 30th, 2010 TuneCore Artists were paid from JUST iTUNES for the download of 17 million songs and albums generating over $24 million in gross music sales

To the very pressing question of:

What Day of the Week Does iTunes Sell the Most Music?

We can state for TuneCore Artists 16% of all weekly sales from November 1st through April 30th occurred on a Sunday. Most interesting is that Tuesday, the traditional day of the week for new releases and highest one day sales, came in fourth

(click to enlarge)

To the other pressing question that keeps you you awake at night as to what the Top 20 Music Buying States on iTunes are, California leads the pack with 9.5% followed by Texas and New York.

(click to enlarge)

Which of course leads us to what are the Top 25 Cities for Music Sales for TuneCore Artists between November 1st, 2009 to April 30th, 2010

New York City (defined as just Manhattan) was #1 with $145,000 in music sales, followed by Chicago and Houston. (Yes, we know Brooklyn is a borough, not a city, but the post office database does segregate it out as a city, and all the TuneCore employees from Brooklyn lobbied me hard to make certain I left it as one)

(click to enlarge)

Finally, we thought it would be interesting to identify the Top 10 Days of the Year That Sold the Most Music from November 1st – April 30th

Santa must have given a lot of iPods, iTunes gift certificates and iPhones as Christmas Day was the #1 best selling music day of the past six months for TuneCore Artists with over $250,000 worth of music selling.  Next up, no surprise here, is December 26th, the day after Christmas, with over $160,000 worth of music. After that, I could not for the life of me tell you whey Febuary 7th etc sold so much

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